Is Tuesday cheaper?This Is The Most Affordable Day To Go To The Movies In Vancouver

looking for fun cheap nightlife?

Weekends are a popular time to go to the latest blockbuster movies, but tickets can be expensive.

Those who want to save money while enjoying an evening’s entertainment are encouraged to take advantage of discounts and discounts at local cinemas.

For the cheapest days of the week to see a movie, choose weekdays instead of weekends.

Discounts apply to Tuesday screenings at both Cineplex and Landmark Cinemas.

At Landmark Cinemas,reel deal tuesday” Save up to 40% on movie tickets.

Cineplex screenings have the same discounted prices for general admission, senior tickets, and children’s tickets, but vary by screening type.

Tickets for standard Tuesday screenings are $8.99, compared to $14.50 for regular general admission. Similarly, Tuesday’s 3D screening is $11.99, but another day’s general admission ticket is $17.50. VIP 3D and D-Box screenings are also about $5 cheaper on Tuesdays.

There is also a cineplex family favorite program Which screen select movies every Saturday morning for $2.99.

Independent Vancouver Cinema

Rio Theater

of Rio Theater It has a wide variety of movies and cheap deals.

Ticket prices vary from movie to movie, but late night showings and double feature screenings are the cheapest times to see a movie.

At 11:00 PM showtime, the same $11.42 ‘Late Night Date Night’ as a regular admission ticket is offered 2 for 1.

Theaters occasionally show double-features or films in series. This means that for locals he can see two movies for $16.42 instead of $22.84 (the price of two regular admission tickets).

Students also get a discount on the movie, which costs $8.42 with a valid student ID.

A Rio Theater representative told VIA that there are no reserved seats for the movie, so be prepared to wait in line.

Dunbar Theater

Dunbar Theater There’s a “Cheap Tuesday” deal offering $8.50 all-day admission for everyone.

Matinee screenings are also $1 cheaper. Regular admission tickets are $11.99 during the day and $12.99 at night. 3D tickets are $3 more.

Students get a $1 discount with a valid student ID.

Dunbar Theater officials say the theater is busiest on Fridays and weekends during the 7 p.m. showtime.

Van City Theater

The festival-style cinema, which hosts the Vancouver International Film Festival each year, presents a wide variety of films.

Regular admission to the theater is $15. Student tickets are $5 less than regular admission, and senior tickets are $2 less.


General admission to the cinema is $12, with two back-to-back films costing an additional $6.

Tickets are $2 off for students with a valid student ID and seniors 65 and older.

Other movie screenings

Those who want to skip the latest release can go see a scary movie at the morgue. morgue movie The series presents horror hits inside real morgues for as little as $15. In addition, museum exhibits open an hour before the movie begins.

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