Countdown star and Olympian developed a close friendship while spending time together on ‘I’m a Celebrity… South Africa’

i am a celebrity Fatima Whitbread made fun of her and her campmates carol vauderman After becoming “best friends” on ITV’s show, they may be considering an on-screen reunion. Carol, 62, a former countdown star from Bristol, took part in the all-star version of the reality show. The show brought together some of the most popular contestants of all time to vie for the first-ever I’m a Celebrity “Legend.” Crown.

The series finale aired only a few days ago, but campmate Fatima, 62, is already discussing possible futures with her new best friend Carol.when she recently appeared on ITV LorraineFatima discussed how close camp mates have become in South Africa.

Carol Voderman and Fatima Whitbread want their own travel series.  (Photo credit: Instagram/fatima.whitbread)Carol Voderman and Fatima Whitbread want their own travel series.  (Photo credit: Instagram/fatima.whitbread)
Carol Voderman and Fatima Whitbread want their own travel series. (Photo credit: Instagram/fatima.whitbread)

Fatima has previously participated in “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” In 2011, in the Australian jungle, Lorraine said she believed she now had a friendship with the Countdown star that would stand the test of time.

The Olympian told Lorraine Kelly, “Me and Carole, we are best friends. It was a great experience with Carole.” She continued, “We would always wake up at 6am, train together, and the word ‘go’ connected us.

She added: “And to be honest, Lorraine, Carol, and I would ideally like to do the program together. Two girls walking around in a campervan and doing different challenges at our ages.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?”

“Women in their prime are doing great things! Thelma and Louise are doing it all over the world,” said Lorraine. Fatima gave the host a high-five and said, “That’s all. We were able to take extreme challenges together. We have a lot of girl power.”

Many fans who watched the interview expressed on Twitter that they would love to see Carole and Fatima appear on the travel show. One fan commented, “Great interview, I really love Fatima at the top. It really suits you! Well done on your adventures in South Africa. Looking forward to seeing you and @carolvorders take on the world in the future.” !” he wrote.

Another viewer wrote, ‘It’s so inspiring to see Fatima Whitbread talking about being active at this age and being positive towards it! @FatimaWh1tbread and @carolvorders I would love to see you go on tour and teach us all how to live and be happy.”

Carol and Fatima developed a strong friendship at camp, but Carol also revealed a campmate she didn’t get along with very well.she said mirror After finding it difficult to bond with American supermodel Janice Dickinson, the Countdown star accused her of “playing the reality show game.”

Fatima challenges the final trio to take the Bushtucker test, a test in which they must sit in a chair with a clear plastic ball over their head and place their limbs inside a box that is slowly filled with creatures. and finished in 3rd place. Then I had to count until I thought it was 6 minutes and press a button when I was ready.

jordan banjo She completed the test within six minutes, while Mileen soon followed. The last two of hers took on the grueling dietary challenge. mireen class In the final moments of the final battle, he ate fermented eggs, pig noses, 60 mouse tails, and 40 bowls of stinky tofu and won.

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