I was on Love Island this year and the villa has a calculating girl, says Zara

love island Zara Luckenby-Brown accused rival Olivia Hawkins of being “calculating”.

Abandoned Islander said Secure The Insecure by Johnny Seifert Podcast She’s at the Villa for the Wrong Reasons.

Zara Luckenby-Brown opened up about her fight with Olivia Hawkins


Zara Luckenby-Brown opened up about her fight with Olivia Hawkinscredit:
Olivia has been accused of being 'calculating'


Olivia has been accused of being ‘calculating’Credit: ITV

She didn’t stop there, telling the podcast host that she thinks the villa has more followers than clothing deals and love.

“This year, I think it looks like Olivia is very calculated,” said Zara.

“She’s also in the intro to Love Island in Season 5. In Joe Garratt’s intro tape, she’s been trying to get on Love Island for a long time. I think it was more calculated.

“I think a lot of people are very similar to Jesse and Aaron. They’ve done shows before.

“There are a lot of people who know the show really well and know what to do to make the love show last longer and it has to be a couple.

“I think there’s a lot of false emotion out there and a lot of it is done for the cameras.

“Now that the show has gotten so big, you won’t be on board. Hopefully you’ll find love to join and expect clothing deals when it comes out. Thousands of people on Instagram.” I want followers of

“People aren’t going for the right reasons.”

Zara and Olivia had a rocky relationship at the villa, even though they knew each other on the outside.

Zara swiped her love rival and added: To myself, but to others, it just screams. you are uneasy

“I think she needs a pretty big reality check. increase.

“And as long as she actually thinks in her head, that’s fine. The world doesn’t revolve around your baby girl.

“And she’s actually hurting people in the process. She thinks she’s doing things in a defensive way, but I don’t think she realizes.

“I really felt like she deserved an apology, like how she handled the whole Kai reunion at Casa Amore. But they did the exact same thing. So I hope you I don’t know what planet it’s on, but it’s not real.

“She’s very different from the people I hang out with in the outside world, so it’s very difficult to associate with someone like her.

On Wednesday night, Olivia was told that she and Maxwell had been kicked out by the public.

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They were then given the power to choose between Tanya and Shaq, Claudia and Keenan, or Casey and Rosie and send them home.

Their selection airs on Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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