Huge star joins Channel 4’s new show – with a twist
Huge star joins Channel 4’s new show – with a twist

In the trendy world of Love Island, a show like BBC Two’s Gone Fishing by Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse shouldn’t work in theory.

But they do, and Channel 4 wants to make its own entry into this hot tub TV by hiring former Strictly Come Dancing winner Bill Bailey.

BBC Two’s Gone Fishing with Bob Mortimer and Paul WhitehouseCredit: BBC
Bill Bailey is working on a similar show called ‘Perfect Pub Walks’

He plans to produce a similar show called “Perfect Pub Walks.”

While Bob and Paul travel to different locations during their fishing adventures, cartoon pal Bill joins the celebrities as they travel between country hostels, enjoying the drinks and the scenery.

We reveal that one of the first celebrities to breeze through with him is comedian Paul Merton.

A television insider said, “Shows like ‘Gone Fishing’ harken back to a simpler television era, when shows were designed to relax viewers rather than constantly stimulate them.

“Its success shows that there is still a market for concepts that engage audiences in more nuanced ways. He’s the perfect person.”

More4’s four-part adventure will take 2020 Strictly winner Bill with his pro partner Oti Mabuse to adventures across England.

He plans to drink in the Peak District and set the world right, but then head to the West Country to explore his native Dorset and Somerset.

Finally, he explores the beauty of Suffolk.

In a pub like that, I would be surprised if he could stand and talk, let alone walk and talk at the same time.

Susanna left stunned

There’s little Susannah Reed doesn’t cover in Good Morning Britain.

But the host is unlikely to rush to forget Gene Simmons’ appearance on yesterday’s show.

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons drops gum in Susannah Reid’s palm as Ben laughs

The Kiss locker once said he sold some of his gum at a charity auction for around £200,000 before handing the freshly chewed gum to Susannah.

The Kiss locker once said he sold some of his gum at a charity auction for around £200,000 before handing the freshly chewed gum to Susannah.

Co-host Ben Shepard said with a laugh. “There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of chewing gum out there.”

Susannah replied, “And there’s definitely a fair amount of bacteria in there.”

Show off your business for Ryan

Ryan Thomas has revealed that he started acting to stand out from his brothers.

The former Coronation Street star took the leap when young twins Adam and Scott “robbed him of the shine.”

Ryan Thomas reveals he started acting to stand out from his brothersCredit: P.A.

Ryan, who has also appeared on Neighbors, said he wanted to “show off and get more attention”.

His first role was in 2000 at the age of 16 as Jason Grimshaw in Collie, which he played until 2016.

His plans backfired when Adam was cast as Donte Charles in Waterloo Road and then as Adam Burton in Emmerdale.

Speaking on the Chris and Rosie Ramsey show on BBC One tonight, Ryan said: Then these two beautiful little twins came out and took all the shine from me.

“So I got into acting because I wanted to show off and get more attention.”

Jay Blade has landed his first role as the host of Channel 4’s new show ‘Britain’s Best Beach Hat’.

He’s teamed up with Laura Jackson to search for gems among 20,000 tiny shacks along the English coast, and filming is set to begin soon.

Romesh: I hate noise

Romesh Ranganathan has criticized showbiz’s obsession with hustle culture (the idea of ​​working hard to get ahead) despite naming his new tour after it.

The comedian, who is embarking on his Hustle Tour next year, said on The Late Show with Moe Gilligan tonight:

Romesh Ranganathan criticizes entertainment industry’s obsession with hustle cultureCredit: Getty

“I think the hustle spirit is a little bullish.

“People who are like, ‘Do you know what you want to do successfully?

“I wake up at 5am, write down a to-do list, sleep for 30 minutes, wake up at 6am, look at the first list, sleep again, have a hearty breakfast, then get on the treadmill. …and finally at 8am I start my day, and I’ve done more than most other bastards do before breakfast.”

“Shut up, I’m done with that bull. Kim Kardashian ‘My advice is to work hard.’ Go for yourself.” “

Rachel’s impromptu shoot in Las Vegas

Rachel Riley didn’t make much of a countdown until she married Pasha Kovalev in 2019.

A puzzle show host married a former Strictly Pro man in Las Vegas whom she met at a dance contest.

Rachel Riley Wasn’t Counting Down Much Before Marrying Pasha Kovalev in 2019Credits: Getty – Contributor

But the notice came just a week after they flew out to see Robbie Williams live.

Rachel said on the podcast “The Big Travel”:

“Last week, I said, ‘Will you marry me?

“I had two friends at the wedding and they told me they were getting married the day before.

“I bought the dress the day before at the hotel gift shop.

“We went to a concert in the lobby and then went to see him with a friend.

“I said to him, ‘Actually, we got married today. You were our wedding singer.’

First Dates bartender Merlin Griffiths was diagnosed with cancer “all gone” after a year of testing.

He underwent surgery in September 2021 to remove a 4.5-centimeter tumor from his intestine.

However, Merlin is now sharing the latest positive results online.

Harry’s drunken burp

HARRY HILL’S TV Burp was the jewel of ITV Saturday night family entertainment from 2001-2012. However, the show’s production process was far from family-friendly.

The comedian told Brydon & Podcast:

Harry Hill says TV Burp’s writing process wasn’t family friendlyCredit: Dan Jones – The Sun

“Then I went downstairs and had a few drinks with my family and watched the burps on TV because I’ll be writing that a week in advance.

“I force my kids to watch it.

He credits his drinking habits as the catalyst for the idea behind 2014’s West End X-Factor musical, I Can’t Sing!. It closed after six weeks due to poor ticket sales.

It’s probably best to stay with soft drinks from now on, Harry.

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