How One Piece Film Red Is Making History

A long-running iconic series one piece We’ve made history with our latest theatrical films. One Piece Film: RedIn 2022, many anime movies performed well in cinemas. It’s been a great year for anime and movies.

Animated films brought box office success to Japan, accounting for four of the year’s top five films — One Piece Film Red, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Sparrow’s Beginning, Detective Conan Halloween Bride. of One Piece Film: Red is the 15th feature film in the recently introduced song-focused franchise. female characterCreated to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series.

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Enter One Piece Film: Red

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One Piece Film: Red A story in which the original character “Uta” created for this work plays three roles: the main character, the maiden of distress, and the villain. She was known to hide her identity whenever she performed, and her voice was known to be ethereal. Uta will hold a live performance for the first time in a movie, so fans should definitely come and visit.Luffy and the others Gang of straw I attended her concerts to witness her amazing voice, and everyone was looking forward to hearing her perform live.

Plot Turn: Uta wa Actually shanks Daughter. The story then unravels even more secrets, from which even more intrigue is revealed. , completely redefining her personality. one pieceA world full of pirates, and what is it like to be such a small fry in this world.


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Prior to the film’s release, its producer, Shimizu, had announced that the film’s story would be separate. One Piece Film: Red It is known that the continuity of modern manga is not canonical. Eiichiro Oda provides hints and hints one piece movieso fans should remember to watch the film even though it’s not entirely canonical. One Piece Film: Red It provides more information about Skunks through the song, which is useful for progressing the canon story. one piece, So, knowing more about him will help answer any questions fans might have about the main story.

Songs are considered canons.In addition to being created by Oda, her past with Shanks is implied to be certainly integral to the overall story. one piece, she is also Luffy’s childhood friend, adding even more importance to her character.Additionally, she was featured in several chapters Wano Countryand she appeared during a Shanks flashback one piece Chapter 1055.

in honor of the special occasion of one pieceIn celebration of the 25th anniversary of . Long-awaited Shanks The first musical adaptation of the series, with full-fledged song and dance interwoven with the main character’s song and singing ad.

ONE PIECE FILM: RED — A Pioneering Hit

One Piece Film: Red will have its world premiere in Tokyo on July 22, 2022, and is scheduled to leave Japanese cinemas on January 29 next year. Screened on 495 screens across Japan, it turned out to be the highest-grossing film in Brazil, France, Taiwan and Japan in 2022.

* warning: The announcement video below contains major spoilers for the movie and cartoon series. *

up to date one piece The film is a blockbuster, beating out all other blockbuster films released in the past year in Japan. One Piece Film: Red It also became one of the highest-grossing Japanese films of all time and stood out as a musical among other films of the year.and it became one piece‘s fastest and highest-grossing film is currently the sixth highest-grossing film of all time in Japan.Only the top 5 films in Japan’s box office One Piece Film: Red in this sense howl’s moving castlePrincess Mononoke, Your namespirited awayWhen Devil’s Blade Infinite Train.

Additionally, data published by TV Time, a multi-platform TV tracking site, allows viewers to know what they watch and how long they watch it, and share this data with others. one piece beat the top performers in it stranger things, The most watched shows in 2022 will be the upcoming ending of a manga series that has just entered its final chapter and One Piece Film: Red That might have helped too.

Uta Plays New Century — One Piece Film: Red

Well, the theme song is One Piece Film: Red, Ado’s “New Genesis” became the number one song in Japan. Recently, Japanese FM radio station J-Wave announced the top 100 Japanese songs of 2022 based on radio plays, streaming numbers, download data, CD sales, tweets, and other factors. “New Genesis” topped the chart, cementing his Ado popularity in the country. Ado performed six of his songs for the film, enough for an album release.

The chart was also produced in partnership with Billboard Japan, which made the results even more reliable.Anison topping his charts in 2022 makes sense given the size of the hit One Piece Film: Red teeth. The second place is the opening song of the 2022 anime that was also a hit. spy x family“Mix Nuts” by the popular band Official Higeo dism.

Furthermore, at the 73rd Kōhaku Uta Gassen, Utaga sang “New Genesis” on a live stage, and it was the first time that she performed live with anime characters along with Hinatazaka46 and JO1. One Piece Film: RedShe was among the top 10 performers, and alongside her performance, Eiichiro Oda released a special illustration of all the red and white straw hats that were shown at the 73rd Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

it cannot be denied One Piece Film: Red With impressive theater performances and pioneering feats, 2022 has made a huge impact on fans and charts. home video releaseCurrently, no Blu-ray release or streaming premiere has been announced yet, but Japan, the world, and one piece Franchise and fan hearts.

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