How old are the actors in ‘Stranger Things 4’ compared to their characters?

Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 It’s come and gone, but what a great season so far. A second volume of two stories is coming soon. July 1st sees the conclusion of the fourth season.

After that, you’ll have to wait a while to watch the fifth and final season of one of Netflix’s most popular shows.Surely it shouldn’t be as long as the wait time between Stranger things 3 When Stranger Things 4—hopefully we don’t have another A worldwide epidemic! —but it will still wait. let’s do this).

Therefore, the creator of the program Probably a time jump between seasons 4 and 5.

It made me wonder: how old are these kids now?if it takes a few more years to see stranger things 5, We can estimate how old the actors will be when it comes out (of course they will be a little younger when they shoot).It’s also interesting to think about the youth of the OG era by subtracting 6 years from the age stranger thingsalthough many of these characters were introduced later.

After all, in fiction, the kids are in 7th grade in the first season and 9th grade in season 4. So they’re in his third year in the fictional story, but he’s been six years since Season 1 came out (longer since he started filming).

In any case, I only include “children” in this list. For one thing, it doesn’t matter how old Hopper (David Harbour) or Murray (Brett Gelman) are. I don’t know, but I’ve heard that asking about a woman’s age is in bad taste.

Either way, here are the ages of the cast compared to the characters Stranger Things 4.

Mike Wheeler (age 15 in Season 4) as Finn Wolfhard (age 19)

Finn Wolfhard is only four years older than his character, but that gap is definitely noticeable at this age. I remember when the freshmen were the youngest. Like much of the cast, Finn looks young for his age, while Mike looks a lot older than a 9th grader. help the

millie bobby brown (Eighteen years old) As Eleven (age 15 in Season 4)

Three years older than Eleven, but I think Millie Bobby Brown looks really age appropriate Stranger Things 4. Maybe it’s hair? Or maybe it’s just Eleven herself, and her lack of social skills just makes her look younger. Man, it really bugged me how badly they bullied her this season!

Gaten Matarazzo (19) as Dustin Henderson (15 in Season 4)

Gaten Matarazzo is 30 and still has a baby face. Sure, he looks older in season 4, but if the kid told you he was 15, believe him. He’s 19 in real life, but a goofy, angelic smile lights up his entire face. Eternal youth, Dustin.

Caleb McLaughlin (age 20) as Lucas Sinclair (age 15 in Season 4)

Lucas started looking like he built up a lot more in season 4, which makes sense. Caleb McLaughlin is 20 years old and the eldest of four children. But he does such a good job of acting like the new kid on the block that I could buy him as a tall freshman. As these kids get stronger, it becomes harder to make them look like high schoolers.

Noah Schnapp (age 17) as Will Byers (age 15 in Season 4)

Noah Schnapp is the youngest of the four boys in real life, but I still think Gaten looks the youngest. It encourages the illusion that

Sadie Sink (age 20) as Max Mayfield (age 15 in Season 4)

Sadie Sink was the breakout star of Season 4 (so far). Episode 4 with Max as the main character, Remains my favorite of the entire seriesSadie is interesting because she looks small and young, but her eyes make her look older. She doesn’t wear lining or anything like that. There’s an intensity in her face that makes her look young and old at the same time it’s hard to explain but look at this photo of her above and say I’m wrong Please give me.

Joe Keery (Age 30) Steve Harrington (Age 19 in Season 4)

Joe Keery is one of the show’s older “child” actors. He turns 18 in season 4, has just graduated from high school, and is set to pick up something bigger and better at the local video store. But Keery says he’s 30 and still looks pretty young, but it’s hard to buy him as a teen at this point. Six years ago when stranger 1 I was able to come out and buy a 24-year-old Keery as a high school senior.

Natalia Dyer (27) as Nancy Wheeler (18 in Season 4)

Natalia Dyer is 27 and looks like she’s in her 20s, but I swear I can’t remember if Nancy was still in high school on this show, or if she graduated and works for the school newspaper as a staff member. See, this is why you need a time jump!

Charlie Heaton (Age 28) Jonathan Byers (Age 18 in Season 4)

Charlie Heaton is a year older than Dyer and looks like she is in her twenties, but has one of those faces that makes her look as old as she is young. That was also the case in her first season. I think it’s his eyes. they look tired.

Maya Hawke (age 23) Robin Buckley (age 18 or 19 in Season 4)

Maya Hawke is only 23, but if you ask me, she can swing either way. Maybe it’s because she looks so much like her mother, Uma Thurman, or maybe it’s because I’m looking at this particular photo of her (pictured above), but she Is she 18 or is she 19 Robin or she looks like 30 no doubt. She’s a year old if she wants.

Priah Ferguson (age 15) as Erica Sinclair (age 11 in Season 4)

they did their best at their level stranger 4 To pass Priah Ferguson’s Erica off as an 11-year-old, Ferguson herself is clearly a talented enough actress to pull it off, but that’s one fierce and tall 11-year-old! you watch her play D&D With her cast mates in real life, you can tell how good a job she did in making her look younger than she really is).

Joseph Quinn (Age 29) Eddie Manson (Age 19/20 in Season 4)

Eddie Manson was held back several times, stranger 4, finally graduated from high school and seems determined to get on with his life. I don’t know if it works for him. But Joseph Quinn plays high school burnout brilliantly. He’s like a character straight out of a movie in Brat his pack. He’s obviously 19 or he’s 20 older, but it doesn’t matter because Eddie is that talented.

Eduardo Franco (Age 27) as Argyle (Age 17-18 in Season 4)

In fact, Eddie and Argyle should get together and smoke some bowls. (Actually, if they can bring Billy back, I think it would be interesting to see how he and Eddie played against each other.) In any case, Eduardo Franco is 27 years old and the show He looks older than 18 in , but he’s young at heart, which makes up for it. Also, I really want an American tendon.

Mason Dye (Age 27) as Jason Carver (Age 17-18 in Season 4)

One of our new adversaries, surprisingly sympathetic, stranger 4 It’s Jason Carver, a popular and charismatic orator and jock, played by 27-year-old Mason Dye. I honestly think Mason is pretty passing as a senior in high school. he has a baby face The only thing I can’t believe about his character is how charming he is in front of a crowd. It seems to me that Jason is the type to run for a Republican seat in his congressional district in 10 or 15 years.

Elody Grace Orkin (Age 18) Angela (Age 17-18 in Season 4)

Since we were including antagonists on this list, we wanted to include Angela, who is almost a caricature of a bully, on this list. Jason is a bad guy, but he thinks he’s a good guy seeking justice for the murder of his girlfriend. Angela is just… we don’t use that word here. She’s so radical that she hardly feels sorry when Eleven hits her face with roller skates. However, Elodie Grace Orkin won this contest. The actress is basically exactly the same age as the character!In fact, she just celebrated her 18th birthday earlier this month.

Bonus: Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna ​​is 33 and his character as Harry Creel/001 in the facility is 32, so he’s pretty close to the right age too. Above, so it makes us the only actor on this list to play the character. old than they are in real life.

Bonus #2: Billy is dead of course stranger 4 However, he appears in visions induced by Max by Vecna, about 19 years old if Billy were alive. Of course, actor Dacre Montgomery is 27 years old, but he has ageless qualities. In some ways, I think he looks younger in real life than his mullet- and mustachioed TV counterpart.

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