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From Khushboo Taudeh to Nina Kulkarni: Actors who joined in on Marathi TV shows to entertain audiences | The Times of India


ETimes.in | Last updated – May 23, 2023, 20:17 IST

From Khushboo Taudeh to Nina Kulkarni: Actors Who Entered Marathi TV Shows Midway to Entertain Audiences

Recently, several Marathi TV programs have witnessed the surprising appearance of the popular actor. These actors not only starred in the show, but also added new twists and turns to the storyline. Actors such as Khushboo Taudeh and Nina Kulkarni appeared in their respective shows and impressed the audience with their performances. please look.

Khushboo Taudeh

Khushboo Taudeh recently starred in the show ‘Aai Kuthe Kay Karte’ and is working for Marathi TV after a hiatus. Kushbu plays Ashutosh’s sister Veena, and she makes a difference in Aniruddha and Sanjana’s lives.


Kajal Kate

Actress Kajal Kate, who rose to fame in the show Maji Tuj Reshimghat as Shefari, recently appeared in the show Muramba. The actress plays the role of Artie in the show. She Kajal returns to television after a two year hiatus. Her character will surely be interesting.

Vikas Patil

The devotional TV show Jai Jai Swami Samarth TV recently took a twist and the Swamist era began within the show. Actor Vikas Patil, best known for season 3 of Big Boss Marathi, appeared on the show and played the role of Swamith. Swami His Samarth regarded Vikas as his son and taught him his life lessons.

erstad kale

Always seen playing unique characters, Erstad Kale most recently appeared on the show to play the role of a political leader in Karan Gunhiyala Mafi Nahi. His reel character name is Suhas Satam. Suhas is a supportive, demon-phobic politician. After Aastad’s appearance, the show witnessed some big developments.

Milind Shinde

Senior Actor Milind Shinde recently appeared in the show ’36 Guni Jodi’ as Purushottam Gudpariwaal. After Purushottam’s arrival, the bond between Vedant and Amrya changed. The show shows Purushottam stopping Vedant from yelling at Amrya and warning him to speak politely to the woman. Pullshottam’s entry is definitely entertaining viewers.

Nina Kulkarni

Nina is slated to play the role of Shantanu’s advocate and mother, Sharmishta Varde, in the show Pratishod Zunji Astitvaci. A strict and professional advocate, Sharmishta, will appear and surprise everyone. Nina appears on TV after a while. She was last seen as Jijamata in the show ‘Swarajya Janani Jijamata’.



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