Manchester native Jordan Hammes underwent a surprising stylistic transformation from his time at his Love Island villa in 2019 alongside Molly-May Hague and Tommy Fury.

Love Island’s Jordan Hammes performs Balmain ensemble

Jordan Hammeswho appeared on Love Island in 2019, made an unexpected appearance tonight, when the series’ newest episode airs summer 2023.

Four years after an unforgettable appearance on ITV2’s dating show after a brief romance with Anna Vakiri, Jordan, 28, made a shocking comeback to Love Island with sharp eyes. Fans were perplexed.

Viewers were watching an ad earlier in tonight’s episode where the actor in the ad looked eerily similar to the former islander, but at the same time looked far away from him. and scratched his head. .

As it turns out, the actor in question is none other than Jordan, who appeared on screen as one of the models in an ad for the show’s sponsor, eBay.

Originally from Manchester, Jordan has undergone an incredible transformation in style since his days at the Love Island villa.

Jordan starred in ‘Love Island’ in 2019(ITV)
These days Jordan looks like a different person thanks to his new style(jxrdanhames/Instagram)

His transformation was so epic that many fans couldn’t believe his new look, with many claiming that Jordan was “the brightest” in Love Island history.

As one ITV viewer exclaimed, “Jordan Hammes is in an ad and he’s been a blast since LI.”

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