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Film Review — A Cute Little ‘A Man Called Otto’

Released Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 12:08 am

“The Man Called Otto”

columbia movie

Directed by Marc Forster

Starring Tom Hanks, Mariana Trevino, Rachel Keller, Manuel Garcia-Ruffo, Mac Baida, Cameron Britton.

Rated PG-13

3 stars

Considering the new movie A Man Called Otto stars Tom Hanks, it’s no surprise that the film is a comforting draw.

Based on a Swedish book and an Oscar-nominated foreign-language film, this English-language remake is a little saccharine, albeit in a minor key, and manages to deliver crowd-pleasing merchandise.

Tom Hanks plays a man named Otto. He is a widower who has just been forced out of his job. He’s a grumpy old rogue who wants to quit this world so he can join his wife in heaven.

This is a spoiler, but it’s also a trigger warning to start the movie with Otto contemplating suicide. Turns out he has a new neighbor who has an annoying habit of knocking on the door every time he tries to do it himself.

These troublesome neighbors (Mariana Treviño and Manuel García Ruffo) are fun, and they trigger a paternalistic streak in the grumpy old man. I found myself doing very few acts of kindness for my family.

“A Man Called Otto” would be a movie about how the hardest hearts would soften if we all stopped bickering and showed our community a little bit of compassion. It’s easy to fall in love with this movie with its wholesome message.

On the one hand, don’t think this is a great drama. Hanks is a good guy, but he’s also coasting in his movie star persona.・We can’t forget that Hanks is buried.

So, after all, that’s exactly why you put him in this movie.

Neighbors are mostly minor characters or caricatures, but new neighbor Marisol (Treviño) gives a moving performance of a woman determined to love her neighbor no matter what.

It helps that she’s a good cook and has two pretty girls, but her efforts on Otto’s behalf are nonetheless very appealing.

All of this makes for a movie that sometimes brings tears to your eyes and leaves a warm feeling in your heart. “A Man Called Otto” seems like the perfect holiday movie for the whole family, so I’m not sure why it held off until after the Christmas movie season.

Still, being late is better than never. The story is engaging, the movie is well-paced (though the real estate subplot doesn’t work), and Tom Hanks continues to be America’s beloved father of cinema. My weary head might rate this as minor drama, but my heart fully responded to the warmth and charm of “A Man Called Otto.”

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