The filmmakers will be invited to showcase their work at the International Film Festival in Stratford later this year.

The three-day event, October 27-29, will be run by two industry experts.

The awards are intended to honor filmmakers, screenwriters, directors, producers and cinematographers in 30 award categories.

A film festival will be held in Stratford later this year.

The entry deadline is June 28th.

Freelance cinematographer Gary Rogers is the owner of Stourbridge-based film production company Country Star Productions and one of the co-founders of the festival.


Rogers has worked on feature film, music video, television and corporate film production, including for streaming giant Netflix.

Having set up other film festivals in the past, he wants Stratford to be a “major showcase for the arts”.

Co-founder Elisaveta Abrahall was born near Stratford and trained at RADA before devoting herself to directing, producing and writing.

Abra Hall, a Netflix producer who worked on the hit TV series Shakespeare and Hathaway, says she aims to put Stratford on the map as “one of Britain’s leading festivals”.

Find out more about the festival and how to participate here.

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