The documentary was shot entirely in black and white. The basic elements are already there, along with the beautiful music and the calm and excellent storytelling voice of Carlos, one of the main characters. Additionally, the viewer is always well taken and the main characters are well introduced. The documentary touches on it everywhere, but it might have been better if there was a little more. And even though it’s only 80 minutes, a bit of boredom creeps in here and there.

Stephanie Barvey and Luc Peter Dreamers It was very nicely performed. They are also involved in producing very good documentation. broken land worked together. They subtly incorporate an explanation of what the “Dreamers” are into the film. This namesake group is made up of illegal immigrants who work in the United States and pay their taxes faithfully, but who have no rights and can be deported at any time. This movie talks about at least 2.5 million people. Carlos describes his arduous journey to becoming a foreman in the construction industry. The film portrays life in the shadows very well and emphasizes it with its black and white rendition. He very impressively conveys his sense of being an outcast, a criminal.

I feel the strength of family ties, perhaps thanks to the fact that we have not been able to drink alcohol and have not made mistakes despite various difficulties. Many dreams that reality bursts like soap bubbles again and again. None of that will stop Carlos and his family from going their own way. It follows a shady yet very beautiful, heartfelt and sometimes very sad path.

Because it depicts helplessness, it is also a movie that affirms life, even though it is calm and sad. The documentary is rounded out by beautiful chase shots, a sympathetic protagonist, and some touching moments.and thereby Dreamers Despite the somewhat repetitive narrative, it’s a movie worth watching.

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