Mumbai :Tellychakkar is back with another special story. We always want to be at the forefront, bringing news and articles directly to readers who want to stay up to date on what’s happening around Tinsel Town. We had a chat with Sucheta Khanna, whom we saw in War to High Arbela, and we really liked what she said.

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Who to Hai Albelaa is one of television’s most beloved shows. Starring Hiva Nawab and Shahir Sheikh. The production will be handled by Director Kut Productions.

We recently chatted with Sucheta Khanna, who played Indrani on the show. She spoke candidly about her own experiences, her appearance, and her co-stars. She has played a wide range of roles in Sucheta is a Kitten, notably in projects such as Lapataganj, Sandwich and Yamura Pagula Deewana.

Here’s what she had to say:

1. How was your experience working on Woh to Hai Albelaa?

This experience was wonderful. It was great because it was such a big production company. It was a role with many acting scenes. That was good. I had some very good scenes with Khiva, Shaheer, and some very good scenes with my co-star Pallavi Pradhan, and I think I was expected to have a good performance in them.

2. Is it wrong to point out that this was an unusual role for you?.

Yes, I was really worried. I was uneasy that her appearance was that of a widow. However, I only understood the background that Rajan Ji gave me and that it was a very weak role, but then she turned out to be very strong in her current state. for her daughter. So I was more scared than I looked. Because when you’re looking like that for 12 hours, you have to be happy with yourself.

But then I told them very professionally. My face is very round and like that. Therefore, it is clear that widows traditionally do not wear bindis, but now no one follows them. However, I insisted on a black bindi and Rajan Ji readily agreed to it.

3. Who do you bond with your co-stars and who are you closest to?

I am the closest to Nayan. She’s my best friend and plays my mother-in-law. we have lunch together Every day is like a lunch party for both of us. It was great from day one until we got to the show.

Besides, I’ve worked with Hiba before. In the first show, we didn’t talk much, we didn’t know each other, and we barely talked at Jijaji chat pa koi hai. But this show had some really great performance scenes and everything. She is a good girl, she is very bright and she gets along very quickly.

That’s all about Sucheta Khanna, her co-stars, what she looks like, and more.

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