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Updated April 21, 2023 17:58, April 21, 2023 19:15

Ron Hall has admitted he’s “struggling to break up” with girlfriend Lana Jenkins, but the couple has no plans to move in together just yet.

The Essex-based Love Island finalist, 25, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to MailOnline about her future plans with Manchester-based Lana after previously revealing she would not be moving north.

Despite being “only six days away” from her South African vacation home, she admitted she plans to “buy my own house” before pledging to live together.

Ron confessed, “I don’t like leaving her.” Since she came out, she’s only spent six days on her part.

“Our ultimate goal is to live together, but at the moment we want to buy our own house so we can eventually live together.”

The Plan: After Lana’s boyfriend, Ron, whom she met on Love Island, reveals that they have no plans to move in together yet, their fun night out begins.

Viewers were left worried about Ron and Lana as they commented on their future during the Love Island finale.

Before being voted second, the financial adviser told presenter Maya Jama that he was looking forward to “not seeing” his girlfriend when he returned home.

Ron dismayed some fans by justifying his decision by claiming he would have his own presence in different parts of the country.

They wrote: “Ron has made it very clear that he can’t wait to get away from Lana. Do you miss her? What the heck does that mean? #LoveIsland.

“Ron doesn’t love Lana, the guy just said ‘I miss her, we’re going to have our own base,’ which means I want to go out and have fun!” #Island of love.

“Oh! I don’t like how Ron said he wants to feel a little lonely. In other words, he’s looking to get away from Lana #LoveIsland for a while.”

Ron said elsewhere, “I haven’t seen the series yet because I didn’t have time, but the worst part about Villa was having to see myself on screen on movie night. ‘ added.

About life after leaving the villa, he added: “Luka Bisch actually contacted me after he came out and we played golf together and it was a lot of fun. It was nice to spend time with someone who went through something similar.”

Future: Despite finding love on the show, the two aren’t ready to live together yet, Ron told MailOnline

“I see Sanam and Kai a lot, they’re amazing. I’m going to see United football with Kai soon!”

Sanam Harinanan and Kai Fagan were crowned winners of the £50,000 prize at Love Island Winter 2023 last month after defeating Ron and Lana.

After eight weeks of drama, viewers chose a love-struck social worker and gym teacher at Casa Amor as their champion.

The couple, both 24, were speechless when host Maya announced the results during the live broadcast of the final in South Africa.

Controversial: Ron and Lana commented on their future during Love Island finale, leaving viewers terrified of Ron and Lana

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