Popular news channel eNCA canceled a simulcast of e.tv’s morning program on the channel after calling for the participation of white presenters and the black presenters’ use of the local language to stop.

The Mandarin Channel reportedly forced the change after yielding to pressure from white viewers who complained that the show was “crappy and amateurish.”

The embarrassing news was revealed by an anonymous eNCA employee who expressed dissatisfaction with the way the channel handled the issue.

The employee told Sunday World that eNCA management approached Cheeky Media, which produces e.tv. morning show, He pleaded with CEO Yousaf Stevens and his producers to simulcast the show on news channels.

That’s because ratings for a show co-hosted by Gareth Edwards and Tumelo Mototoane are said to have plummeted.

Following the agreement, Cheeky Media Mandarins will hire former Orlando Pirates goalie Brighton Murongo to team up with the current host to bring sports appeal to the show, according to the employee. It is said that he aimed to

eNCA’s management team has added Faith Mangope, who was the host of the channel’s 9am-noon slot, to the e.tv presenter team, which includes Nerisiwe Mmape, Kgosi Rankmise and Borrele Polisa. reportedly requested to be included as a co-moderator of the

“They loved the show because it was a lifestyle-focused segment with high ratings. There are just too many,” Mole said.

Deepthroat said the simulcast, announced with excitement and coolness, did not last long.

Some white viewers quickly took to social media to complain that the show lacked white faces and flaunted content that resonated with the poor.

“Unlike e.tv producers, eNCA didn’t notify viewers about the simulcast in advance, so I think those viewers were shocked,” Deepthroat said.

The employee alleged that eNCA management bowed to social media pressure and yelled at show producers to put white faces on the team of presenters.

They also allegedly instructed producers to order presenters to refrain from using the local language and to use English, according to the employee.

“The producers rejected the offer, saying that the show was popular because the presenters often used local languages ​​when presenting. ?

“This is racist. Even 29 years into democracy, channels are still being used by hosts to transform African languages ​​just to suit white audiences who are unwilling to learn to speak them.” I couldn’t believe I could tell them to refrain from using the local language,” said the tipster.

The source further noted that after several meetings, eNCA management told producers to suspend the simulcast and morning show Back to the 6am to 9am slot.

“But this time Gareth is presenting the show alone and Tumelo is no longer co-presenting with him. They now have their white people,” the source said.

The decision affected Mr. Murongo, said a person familiar with the matter. This is because Cheeky Media will no longer pay Mr. Murongo the originally agreed fee. This is because the show will no longer beam on both platforms.

Cheeky Media spokeswoman Lolo Morapedi said the company would not comment as this is an internal issue, adding that Cheeky Media will release a statement in due course.

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