Downsized to Wolfpack: The 7 Best Shows to Stream This Week

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When I met Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), at 3 a.m. he enjoys a booze-and-Adderall-fueled pool party. Jimmy is a psychotherapist enduring a midlife crisis, but his unraveling has tragic reasons. How will this impasse involving grief and an alienated daughter affect his work?from the manufacturer of Ted Russo, the tone of this comedy is more downbeat and there are moments of hard-earned redemption. The great cast also includes Jessica Williams and the grumpy Harrison Ford.
Apple TV+, starting Friday, January 27

Margaret Tires as Jen in Extraordinary.
Sparky… Mairead Tires as Jen in Extraordinary. Photo: Laura Radford/Disney+

What if you were the only one in the world without a superpower? This is the fate of Jen (Myread Tires), a scruffy 20-something in his 18th birthday surrounded by people who have discovered “their thing”.He specializes in inducing orgasms with one touch, and it’s a shame Jen’s date realized this ability while enjoying a manly birthday handshake with his father. fun premise Tires is a sparky lead. There are dangerously wholesome hints about self-acceptance that underpin the story, but a hilarious, snarky irreverence undercuts them nicely.
Disney+, starting Wednesday, January 25

Physical: 100

Hunger Games…Physical: 100.
Hunger Games…Physical: 100. Photo: Netflix

A real version of Squid Game is in the works (presumably with a lower mortality rate), but in the meantime the series may satisfy your instinctive Korean elimination contest cravings. Gender, age and class are all sidetracked. Survival is the only requirement as 100 candidates perform a variety of grueling running, hanging, lifting, fighting and other tasks. South Korean Netflix enthusiasts may recognize a familiar face. Single’s Inferno’s Hyunseung Cha is one of those who signed up for the challenge.
Netflix, starting Tuesday, January 24

deep fake neighbor wars

Fake is remarkable... Deepfake Neighbor Wars.
Fake is remarkable… Deepfake Neighbor Wars. Photo: Tiger Aspect Productions

An imaginative CGI comedy that makes a sensitive celebrity snort. Initially it was amazing. Is it really Stormzy and Harry Kane arguing over cracked patio tiles? Ultimately, as with all comedies, it stands or falls on the strength of the script. In that regard, Deep Fake can feel a little monotonous. When it comes to all tech magic, it’s basically a celebrity in a mediocre situation. It’s fun, but it only goes so far.
ITVX, from Thursday, January 26th

pack of wolves

Kill It... Sarah Michelle Gellar Stars as Kristin Ramsey in The Wolf Pack
Kill It… Sarah Michelle Gellar as Christine Ramsey in The Wolfpack. Photo: Paramount+/MTV

This latest by Jeff “Teen Wolf” Davis is based on the novel series by Edo van Belkom, in which a group of teenagers develop lycanthropic tendencies when a wildfire draws terrifying creatures to their neighborhood. I notice that It’s decent fun and is based on an allegorical subtext about teenage mental health. We have a secret weapon in the form of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays the arson investigator who finds herself.
Paramount+, starting Thursday, January 26

KSI: in real life

KSI held a concert in London last year.
Amazingly… KSI at a concert in London last year. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

An exemplary name in the influencer era, 29-year-old KSI (Knowledge, Strength, Integrity, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji) began her career as a video game YouTuber.He currently has over 24 million subscribers on the platform, where his output is including boxing and chart-topping music. Amazing proof that anything is possible with enough digital likes. This documentary follows him as he prepares for his tour of the world and plays at Wembley. Holly Richardson
Prime Video, starting Thursday, January 26

Lockwood & Company

Rockwood's Cameron Chapman, Ruby Stokes and Ali Haji-Heshmati
Beyond Stranger Things… Lockwood & Co. Photo: Photo credit: Parisa Tagizadeh/Parisa Tagizadeh

“Agents needed for unusual supernatural investigations.” Stranger Things has many answers. Lockwood & Co is another one of his series in which his feisty teen throws himself into battle with the supernatural. It’s set in London, full of both paranormal activity and the agents working on it.Our maverick team consists of Anthony and George, his two young lads, and Lucy, a girl with supernatural powers. It consists ofJoe Cornish adapted it from Jonathan Stroud’s book series It benefits from his dry wit, even if the theme feels a little overdone.
Netflix, starting Friday, January 27

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