In this week’s Ketchup, we bring you even more headlines from the world of film development news. Whimsical Friday and main war Sequels, Stephen King movies and more.

Top stories of the week

Disney is officially working on Freaky Friday 2

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Back in October, months before she won an Academy Award. Everything, Anywhere, At Once (93% certified fresh), Jamie Lee Curtis said at a press conference. Appeared on ABC scenery She wrote to Disney personally to pitch a sequel to her hit 2003 comedy. Freaky Friday (88% certified fresh). The film was a body-swapping comedy starring Lindsay Lohan as Curtis’ teenage daughter, and was a remake of the Disney original. Freaky Friday (Fresh at 70%), starring a teenage Jodie Foster.Curtis seems to have had his wish granted. News of the week Disney actually having a sequel in development sounds like a premise that would again include body swapping for Curtis and Lohan.

Other top headlines

Nicolas Cage to return as an arms dealer lord of war sequel

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Yes, I heard that two movies from the 2000s were getting sequels. 2 whimsical 2 fridayAnd now, Nicolas Cage’s arms deal lord of war (61% freshness).it will be rewritten and directed To Andrew Nicoland other credits include Gattaca (Certified as Fresh at 82%) and (as screenwriter) truman show (95% certified fresh). Cage’s co-star this time is Bill Skarsgårdplays Keiji’s son who competes with his father.

Stephen King Movie of the Week: monkey and Chuck’s life

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Horror and suspense writer Stephen King has authored over 60 novels and over 200 short stories, and Hollywood seems to collectively intend to make them all into movies (sometimes multiple times).Two different movie adaptations this week Stephen King short story released. beginning, Chuck’s lifefirst published as a short story in the 2020 anthology if you bleed. Mark Hamill and Tom Hiddleston (Marvel Movies) Loki) will appear in Chucka reverse-chronological story that begins with the death of the title character and ends in childhood in a haunted house. Chuck be supervised by Mike Flanaganhe previously adapted King’s work Gerald’s game (certified fresh in 91%) and doctor sleep (Certified Fresh at 78%).the other one is Stephen King movie adaptation announced this week teeth monkeyis directing. James Wan and star in Theo Jamescurrently appearing in Season 2 on HBO white lotus (91% fresh).

Taika Waititi to Direct Scarlett Johansson in Disney Ride tower of terror

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A sign that a director is highly sought after is when that director is clearly obsessed with more films than they can actually direct. Taika Waititi has definitely reached that point, and her in-development list includes: Star Wars plan, flash gordonand its adaptation clara and the sun.Waititi Latest news: tower of terrorbased on Disney rides, Jojo Rabbit]Scarlett Johansson has decided to produce and star.

Pedro Pascal to star in next film savage directed by

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Following last year’s amazing success, savage (93% Certified Fresh), January’s heated auction For Zach Kregor’s next film weaponseventually going to New Line Cinema. weapons described it as “an interconnected, multi-narrative horror epic that, tonally, magnolia” (yes, that magnolia, certified fresh at 83%).compared to magnolia suggests that weapons Large ensembles may be cast eventually. Actors already announced: Pedro Pascal, in both films, having a great 2022 and 2023 mandalorian and Last of us. Pascal recently joined Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel.

Do you think Nicholas Hoult is Melissa Barrera? that?

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Nicholas Hoult and a trio of hot Hollywood hot IT gals She is currently appearing in a movie called that, variously called horror films or erotic thrillers.the premise of that revolves around a romance-themed reality show centered around “the romantic and psychological warfare waged by the popular entertainment we love.” Holt’s co-star is Melissa Barrera (Scream VI), Lana Condor (To all the boys I’ve ever loved), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones & The Six).

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