Craig Ferguson returns to late-night TV with new show – /Film

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson wasn’t silly, but it was one of the most irreverent and outrageous comedy shows during its 11-season run. For those of us who expected something like Jay Leno or Jay Leno, maybe getting into the show for the first time in the hazy fog of late night was an unforgettable experience. David LettermanShows like. Always off-script Ferguson Good-naturedly (and evenly) flirting with his guests, engaging in ample conversation with his robotic assistant Jeff (Josh Robert Thompson), sipping from a rattlesnake mug, occasionally revealing he’s empty, and giving his immediate attention. It was decided to run the entire segment of the show after the speech. Overtime on cameras or riffs for timeslots, CBS, or other topics.

The show was more entertaining than anything else late at night, emotionally honest when it wanted to be, inspired and raucous league. Joe Bolton, who produced ‘The Late Late Show’ and appeared as half a horse in costume Secretariat, returns to work on a new series as a writer with Richard Easter. Ferguson himself will executive produce alongside Tom McLennan. Potential buyers are set to see the pilot this week, so we’ll let you know as soon as we know exactly where “His Channel Surf with Craig Ferguson” lands.

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