Over the past few weeks, as Justin Rutherford’s (Andrew Still) trial begins, Coronation Street residents Daisy Midget (Charlotte Jordan) and Ryan Conner (Ryan Prescott) are devastated. was

They recently got the result they were hoping for as Justing was convicted and spent a long time in prison.

However, their worries weren’t over as Daisy leaned over Ryan and kissed her during their private moment the day before the verdict.

Ryan quickly distanced himself, feeling rejected by Daisy and disappointed in the situation, after which he said they could no longer be friends.

In addition to feeling guilty about kissing Ryan during her engagement to Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard), Daisy also feels guilty about pretending to be Ryan’s latest flirt, Krystal.

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Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, recently revealed what happened to the three Weatherfield residents, hinting at a possible new love triangle.

“Daisy and Danielle want a guilty verdict and it will be a relief and a win. It will mark the end of a chapter in their lives they want to forget.”

“But once the trial is over, this love triangle that exists between Ryan, Daisy and Daniel begins.

“He should be on Daisy’s arm, but he can’t say, ‘Yeah, Ryan, can we go now?

“Daniel has to be sensitive to the gravity of what happened between Daisy and Ryan. increase.”

“At the same time, I hope Ryan is gone! You’ll see Daniel start to appreciate aspects of himself against Ryan, and it’s possible that male egos will clash…”

Will Daniel and Ryan fight it out to win Daisy’s love, or will she abandon them both for a fresh start?

Charlotte Jordan recently spoke about her upcoming drama at the British Soap Awards, saying, “There’s going to be more drama, more fights.

“I think Daisy is going to be very confused about her feelings, confused about a lot of things and probably making more mistakes and possibly lying more.

“And maybe it will explode in her face at some point, which will be great.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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