mother and son duo shale and Chaz Bono We are working in teams Little Bitesan upcoming horror film written and directed by Spider-One. hollywood reporter. The film brings together three of his biggest names in the horror genre. NunBonnie Aarons, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Streets with Heather Langenkamp Reanimator‘s Barbara Crampton, as well as Bono, Crucy Fox, Lindsey LaRose, Mark Kelly, Elizabeth Caro and John Sklarov.Power Man 5000 singer and Rob Zombie’s younger brother, Spider-One has previously starred in horror films alongside Bono, Fox and LaRose. fill the bride.

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According to THR, the film “follows young widow and mother Mindy (Fox) as she tries to protect her daughter Alice (Elizabeth Caro) from a carnivorous monster named Agyar (John Skralov). Mindy has secretly sacrificed her life’ to allow the creature to eat her body while Alice hides in her grandmother’s house. “

In a statement to the publication, Fox said of his character:

“The film works as a dark metaphor about being a parent and protecting your children at all costs. I’ve never played a character before, and it’s a huge mental strain on her, and I feel it’ as if the world is against her. She’s a hero, just like her loving parent. She will do whatever it takes to protect her child. We can’t wait to work with this iconic cast and team to bring their incredible vision of Spider-Man to life. “

Spider One and Fox’s OneFox Productions are producing the project. In addition to Cher and Bono, Ian Hoge, Tyler Connolly, Wendy and Mark Berry will serve as executive producers.Production of Little Bites It will begin in Los Angeles later this month.

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3 Horror Icons Join Little Bites

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In addition to the well-known singer and actress Cher joining the project as an executive producer, Little Bites We also look to the talent of three horror film masters: Langenkamp, ​​Aarons and Crampton. Spider-One said:

“To be surrounded and supported by such legendary talent and producing partners is honestly a surreal experience.

Aarons is known for playing the demon nun Valak in the film. Conjuring 2its spinoff Nun and its sequel, and Annabelle: Creation. Her other horror film credits include: Drag Me To Hell, Dahmer vs. Gacyand Jacob’s wifeshe also serves as the next standing judge. Dragula from the Boulet Brothers competition series.

Langenkamp became a scream queen after her breakthrough role playing Nancy Thompson in the movie. Wes Cravens, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Langenkamp reprized the role for the third film in the series, and later played his fictional self in the 1994 film. Wes Craven’s new nightmare. She is also involved in a film series through her two documentaries.She executive produced and narrated the 2010s Never Sleep Again: Legacy on Elm Streetstarred in and produced i’m nancy.

Crampton starred in several horror films in the 1980s and 1990s. Reanimator, Chopping Mall, Puppet Masterand castle freak. In recent years, he has appeared in the following productions: you’re next and we are still herehorror series, etc. Channel Zero: Door of Dreams, Into the Dark, and Creepshow.

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