Billie Eilish left fearing for her safety when a man broke into her house to confess his love

Billie Eilish has sought a restraining order against a man who allegedly broke into her home and confessed his love for her.

The 21-year-old global megastar said the alleged break-in and five previous incidents involving the same man had caused “significant anxiety, fear and emotional distress” for her and her family’s safety.

Eilish says in legal documents that a man named Christopher Anderson issued a “threat of violence” against her.

Legal documents outline claims that Eilish, 39, showed up to Eilish’s childhood home multiple times “unannounced and uninvited” in late December and early January. .

Eilish said Anderson recently entered the property on January 5th.

In a statement, the singer said:

She added, “I fear that one day one of these individuals will commit violent or very disturbing acts against me or one of my family members.” rice field.

The restraining order seeks protection for her mother and father, Maggie May Baird and Patrick Meade O’Connell, and her brother, producer Phineas O’Connell.

Eilish’s request was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

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