Apple TV+ season finale ted lasso It dropped yesterday, cementing the fact that this was the show we never thought we needed.

In August 2020, the whole world is in turmoil. Many countries started lockdowns four months ago, with some expecting lockdowns to last two weeks or up to a month. Four months later, there is still no end in sight and people are now coming to terms with the fact that perhaps this is our new reality. In other words, he is alone with his thoughts, confined within the four walls of the house, boiled down.recover from anxiety and frustration at the same time “Imagine” video by Gal Gadot and friends.

In 2019, Apple launched the streaming service Apple TV+.A lot of people didn’t think much of it, but it was very impressive to release original content like The Morning Show.One of his upcoming titles was a comedy starring saturday night live Alum Jason Sudeikis called ted lasso.

In August 2020, ted lasso When it premiered on Apple TV+, it quickly became a source of solace and comfort for a world going through unprecedented times.

Season 3 contains minor spoilers.

ted lasso: The show the world needs

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fish out of water

ted lasso It was supposed to be a silly comedy show. It is based on the character of the same name played by Sudeikis in a series of promotions for NBC’s premiere His League coverage. It was so funny to see Ted coaching Tottenham Hotspur and trying to understand football while joking around in his distinctive Southern dialect. If the promotional video hadn’t gone wrong, the Apple TV+ show would have been a funny, fish-in-water tale about an American in London who was completely oblivious to the disaster he was causing.

The first episode of the show seemed to be heading in that direction. Ted humiliates him face to face with the press, then teases him face to face with the players, then meets his boss Rebecca, who reveals that the club hired him to fail. became. Everything was designed to make this stupid hillbilly stupid himself. It’s going to be a totally funny, hilarious hot mess.

But it didn’t happen. Ted says Sudeikis said: interview and 60 minutes, was a negative and disgusting Teflon. By the end of his first season, he had charmed people: his boss, the team, the club’s fans and us, the crowd. The man we expected to be the stupid fish out of the water turned out to be the man we all aspire to be: the one who finds the good in people.

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tv show chicken soup

The show is heartwarming. It’s chicken soup from a TV show. For things like other programs, Inheritance It displayed the rebellious behavior and characteristics of the people. ted lasso It reminded the audience that everyone has good qualities. Despite how it sounds, the show is neither too cautious nor too cheesy, a testament to its writers. It didn’t escape reality either. Season 2 got a little darker, depicting Nate the Great’s graceful fall and Ted’s anxiety disorder.

That’s another thing the show did very well. It also reveals that Ted is still a human being, even though he is a fountain of positivity and a human being who embodies the sunshine. he experienced a broken heart. He needed medical attention. The latest season also saw him confront his mother and finally have to admit what he had been hoarding inside.

ted lasso I was able to have hope without turning away from reality. In a landscape of superheroes, conspiratorial boards, and murderous fantasy worlds on television, this show reminds us that just because life is messy doesn’t mean it has to be unkind. let me.

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the best of us

what else can i say ted lasso What is emphasized other than highlighting the best of us, or the best we can do? It’s not just Ted himself. Rebecca and Keely’s relationship is one of the few shining examples of two female friends who were not only supportive of each other, but were huge fans of each other. I was afraid the latest season would ruin that, but how they portrayed how friendships don’t have to be wrecked just because there’s been a change in one person’s life, is a shame. It was actually a work of genius.

Roy and Jamie each had their own set of traits, but they also showed that even the most “manly” men needed support. It was awkward at times, which made for a lot of funny moments, but in the end, these two were nothing more than brothers.

And then there’s Nate. Oh did we all? dislike Nate after season two. But haven’t we all done stupid or reckless things before that that we ended up regretting? The only difference between us and Nate is that he actually said sorry and even insisted on it. He also had Ted, who generously forgave him.

That’s another thing Ted showed us. It means “forgive”. This includes allowing yourself to make mistakes. One of my favorite lasso sayings is “Be a goldfish.”

richmond to death

ted lasso It was a reminder that we can do better. We have the ability to support friends in need and to find and bring out the best in people. It was a reminder that we all need to be kind to one another as everyone has tough days. It also reminded us to take care of ourselves, which was Ted’s big flaw addressed this season. It showed us that vengefulness and hatred lead a person nowhere. Why not try loving someone else instead?

The show team was very careful about saying this was the end, ted lasso, the season finale that aired last night actually serves as a fitting end. As much as I’d love to see the rest of Ted and the Richmond gang’s story go on, Jason Sudeikis and his fellow creators wanted to tell the story they wanted to tell and that instead of trying to milk the cow. Glad I knew when to finish until dry. As bittersweet as it sounds, it’s rare for a TV show to have a perfect turnout, even if it’s only three seasons.

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I was going to say we live in Post now,ted lasso world, but it is not true. I’m about to rewatch the whole episode again, but others who haven’t (my boss must be tired of me recommending the show to her by now) want it for the first time. I have the enviable chance of seeing time.

Our Wednesdays will never be the same again. You will no longer go dog trail and hear Ted say things like, “Your body is like day-old rice.” If you’re not properly warmed up, really bad things can happen. “

But one thing is for sure, we are Richmond until we die.

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