Legendary Movie Star Discusses New Netflix Series ‘Hoover’ and Upcoming Documentary

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Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the new Netflix series with Kyle Meredith. Hooverand a three-part documentary Arnold It is set to last.

Legendary actors talk about why they chose him hoover, His first TV series will be an espionage adventure story about a father and daughter who keep their lives as CIA agents a secret from each other. The reason, according to Schwarzenegger, is that “the time has come when TV series are really all the rage…streaming is just the new way to entertain millions.” I’m really happy that it finally happened. “

It’s the same reason he took so long to adapt his classic film, he added. true lie, to the show. “Sometimes it takes a long time to convince people that making a TV series based on this is a good idea.” true lieas hard as it was for me to convince them to do the series, conan the barbarian again twins“I think they’re all great ideas for a TV series, but sometimes it takes a long time to convince people.”

Schwarzenegger goes on to talk about how Ronald Reagan’s presidency opened the door for action heroes like Arnold, and how the Bill Clinton-era media tried to close it. rice field.He also wondered how the man behind pumping iron, terminatorand twins You don’t need a song to cheer him up.

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