All Easter Eggs for The Last of Us TV Series Episode 2

HBO TV Adaptation of Hit Game Series Last of Us is that gift keep giving! Clickers, explosions, and more in Episode 2 “Infected” Last of Us An Easter egg that will look familiar to fans of the video game series. spoiler alert!

All The Last of Us TV Series Episode 2 Easter Egg

Ellie’s Source Story — While Joel, Tess, and Ellie are making their way through the desolate streets of Boston, Ellie explains to the others that she sneaked into a restricted mall in Boston’s quarantine zone and was bitten. Tess asked her if she went there alone. However, those who have already played the expansion content of the first work, The Last of Us: Left Behindyou would know she went to that mall with her best friend Riley where they both got bitten but Ellie didn’t but Riley died from her.

Tess has a sweet lighter — If you’re a fan of Naughty Dog’s other titles, unknown series, you may have picked up a Tess writer. Nathan Drake brother writer of unknown, Sam Drake. It’s so cool to have an Easter egg in Episode 2. Last of Us But across multiple franchises!

museum — One of the most action-packed and tense moments was when the trio encountered their first set of clickers while traveling through the museum. It’s also an iconic moment in the game where you can really feel the terror of clickers. As shown in the TV series, they can take considerable damage before finally going down. However, unlike my experience playing the game, Joel dies 20 times trying to get over them. It never happened.

blooders — While traveling through Boston, Ellie asks if there are any infected people who explode fungal spores on people. is the type of Infector that does exactly this.

Ellie can’t swim — In the game, Ellie cannot swim and as a result, there is a lot of gameplay that helps Ellie cross bodies of water. It was nice to see this referenced in the show when Ellie, Joel and Tess come across water they need to get through and Ellie hesitates and says they can’t swim.

hello triple room — When the trio first enter the hotel, Ellie heads to the front desk, rings the bell, and pretends to check them in. The Last of Us Part I.

giraffe plush toy — You can spot a stuffed giraffe in one shot during the episode. This is sometimes recognizable by fans from some really feel-good scenes in the game.

Up We Go — In a scene at a Boston hotel, Joel pushes Tess through crawl space. This is a callback to the game where Joel gives Tess and Ellie lots of boosts to navigate different areas.

These are all Easter eggs found in Episode 2 of HBO. Last of Us TV series “Infected”!

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