Alan Carr tells a chaotic anecdote about how he was outed by his mother on a Ouija board.

the comedian on the tv show end change teeth He spoke about growing up as the gay son of a fourth-division football manager in the 1980s during an appearance on Kathy Burke’s show. Where there is a will there is an awakening podcast.

“I got out on the Ouija board,” he said. “I was called gay in front of her mother and I said goodbye to her and pulled the glass.

“So I was like, ‘H, O, M, O,’ and my mom was like, ‘Are you gay?’

Shocked, Burke had no choice but to answer, “Wow.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Kerr talks about why he thinks he’ll end up dying in a “pub quiz-style death” and how he wants his wake to be like a 90s rave with Gokwan DJing. .

He also told Burke about the time he passed out during a Prince concert and was driven home in a white van without knowing who the driver was.

Where there is a will there is an awakening Available from Apple, Spotify, or wherever you can get podcasts. Kerr’s episode will be released on Tuesday, June 6th.

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end change It received a five-star review from critic Sean O’Grady, who wrote that the show was “the most enjoyable thing to do: a clever, original, honest and engaging coming-of-age story.” there is

“For Kerr, it’s also about creating a national treasure,” he added.

Newcomer Oliver Seivel plays the young Carr, and the comic himself makes witty cameo appearances and scene-stealing one-liners.

The show is currently streaming on ITVX.

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