The painstaking process of making a film, from hiring actors and crew, procuring props to securing filming permits, will soon be made much cheaper and cheaper by artificial intelligence, as a new short film entirely generated by AI shows. It could be simplified.

Short film offers an early glimpse of AI’s potential to disrupt Hollywood frost Read for free on the MIT Technology Review website to see how AI is getting closer to being used in filmmaking and new forms of art.

Produced by American video software maker Waymark, this 12-minute film was produced by taking still images and using AI image generators DALL-E 2 and DALL-E to generate each shot. rice field.

The image was then animated using the AI ​​tool D-ID.

It’s easy to see that the use of AI in filmmaking is still in its infancy, but the film’s producers also say they weren’t trying to perfectly recreate a “real” movie with actors.

“We kind of got to a point where we stopped fighting our desire for photographic accuracy and started leaning towards the weirdness of DALL-E,” says Waymark’s creative director on the MIT website. Quoted from Stephen Parker.

The results are unrealistic and sometimes disturbing. The AI-generated film seems to hop between genres, from collage to animation to real cinema.

In a way, though, it creates a genre of its own.

“I had a bit of a hard time understanding certain things from DALL-E, such as the emotional response of the face.” frost Director Josh Rubin said:

“But sometimes it made us happy. Sometimes we thought, ‘Oh my God, this is magic happening right before our eyes.'” – dpa

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