Actual Multiple Monitors Download brings together a number of useful tools for working with and manipulating multiple monitors on Windows.

With this software, you can display additional taskbars on other monitors, create different desktop profiles, mirror part of your screen, and more. Real multi-monitor is available in Windows version 8.14.7.

Multi-monitor setup in action

Real multi-monitor download and setup

Actual Multiple Monitors supports Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2000-2016 (32-bit and 64-bit respectively) operating systems. During installation, the software automatically enables some features such as the multi-monitor taskbar and title buttons, but you can always turn them off and adjust them individually in settings.

Additional taskbar with real multiple monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors includes a number of features for handling multiple monitors that go far beyond what is normally possible in Windows. Therefore, the software Taskbar working independently on each additional monitor, optionally a Start button, thumbnails, jump list, notification area, and clock. Optionally, additional taskbars display only windows or all open programs on their respective screens.

Adjust each monitor’s layout and settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate, etc.) and save them in different desktop profiles with individual background images and screensavers for easy modification. Existing audio devices can also be linked to specific screens via the audio switcher.

Screen mirroring, gaming features, hotkeys

For example, gamers use this software to prevent game windows from being deactivated or minimized and to facilitate access to other programs such as streaming or surfing the web. Additionally, certain windows/screens may lock the mouse. Another useful feature is Mirror an entire monitor, area, or window. This is useful when you cannot see the screen, such as during a presentation.

Many functions of Actual Multiple Monitors can be automated and initiated using hotkeys, mouse actions or shortcuts. For example, you can use the window menu and title buttons to move program windows to different monitors, snap them, mirror them, switch audio playback devices, and more.

More Tools in Actual Window Manager

Actual Multiple Monitors is shareware and is completely free to try for 30 days after installation. After that, you need to purchase a license that includes 1 year of free updates. Under the name Actual Window Manager, the manufacturer offers an even more extensive collection of software that bundles additional tools, among others allowing the creation of virtual desktops and explorer tabs. see more Available on the official website.

Real multiple monitor alternative

Dual Monitor Tools offers similar free software for multiscreen operation, but it’s not as comprehensive.

real multiple monitors

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