9 Love Island Moments We Screamed On TV

If you’re a true fan of Love Island, you know there are a few moments in villa folklore.

From Dani Dyer breaking down in tears watching Jack Fincham’s video at Casa Amor to an enraged Faye Winter tearing up the villa, there have been some truly unforgettable moments over the years.

Some of them caused unpleasant viewings and generated hundreds of complaints, but they all claim their place in Love Island history.

As we get to know the latest batch of islanders hoping to find love in South Africa, New host Maya Jamalooked back at some of the show’s most amazing moments…

After Casa Amor, Faye becomes furious with Teddy

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
Faye Winter and Teddy Soares chat on the terrace “Love Island”. Photo: REX

Arguably one of the most memorable moments on Love Island over the years was Faye Winter’s meltdown at Teddy Soares after returning from Casa Amor.

She saw a picture on a postcard of him kissing another girl (more on this later), reunited at the main villa, and when the islanders entered the Movie Night Challenge, she was taunted. erupted at him with a full rant.

Ofcom received 25,000 complaints about Faye’s behavior which saw her rip Matthew MacNabb and even Dale Mehmet.

Paige and Finn Fake News Headlines

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
“Love Island” by Paige Turley and Finley Tapp. Photo: REX

During this moment in Love Island’s first Winter series, one of the games Islanders played received over 500 complaints.

This caused concern for Paige, as during a headline challenge, it was reported that Finn’s head was turned towards Casa Amor, and Paige vowed to remain loyal to her there.

Fans argued that using the headline “Casa Amor causes Callum, Finn and Nas to turn on Love Island Tonight” was misleading for the show.

The couple worked things out and are still together two years after their stay in South Africa.

Week 1 “Trophy Hunter” Claim

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
Olly Williams “Love Island”. Photo: REX

Ollie Williams had just unpacked his suitcase at his vacation home when he was bombarded with claims of being a ‘trophy hunter’ for the 2020 series. He was 23 at the time, and photos of him began circulating online, appearing to show him posing with a dead animal.

He ended up quitting the show after three days telling other islanders that he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend.He later issued a statement in which he denied having shot the animal.

Ollie says: I volunteered in Mozambique’s conservation and anti-poaching program. Part of that program includes the disposal of old and sick animals. I was there as an observer.

Maura Higgins transplanted Tommy Fury

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins date on Love Island. Photo: REX

Our own bombshell Maura Higgins didn’t hesitate when she arrived at her Love Island villa in 2019, and had her eyes on Tommy Fury from the start.

This led to some questionable advances, such as Longford’s daughter sitting on top of him and kissing him when Tommy simply turned away. Some fans said 709 were complaining to Ofcom and found the scene offensive.

Maura eventually paired up with Curtis Pritchard and Tommy fell head over heels for Molly May Haig. Love shows that you can make lifelong friends on his island. Molly May and Maura are still very close.

Dani Dyer in Flood of Tears

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
Dani Dyer, Love Island. Photo: ITV

Dani Dyer sobbing in a beach hut is another outstanding and controversial Love Island moment that will go down in show history for all the wrong reasons.

The boys were away at Casa Amor at the time and Dani was tied up with Jack Fincham. His ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones is one of the shocking new girl girlfriends, and a carefully edited video was sent to Dani.

She said that while some viewers said the show “goed too far,” Dani “mentally abused‘.

That 2021 postcard drama

love island recombination series 7
Millie Court and Liam Reardon, “Love Island”. Photo: ITV

Who knew the arrival of the post could cause so much drama! provided a role).

Teddy was seen kissing a girl, but it’s not clear that this happened in the game, and Millie Court didn’t listen to Liam Reardon’s actions with bombshell Lily Haynes .

Joe Garrett and Lucy Donlan

Controversial Moments Love Island Islanders Villa Paige Faye Adam Teddy Lucy
Caroline Flack directs Dumping, while Lucy Donlan and Joe Garratt watch over “Love Island.” Photo: REX

Love Island viewers were disturbed to see Joe and Lucy’s relationship develop in 2019, with more than 600 complaints.

When Lucy broke down in tears and Woman’s Aid made a statement about her on-screen “possessive” behavior, some people accused Joe of having a “dominant nature.”

Joe later addressed the allegations, telling The Sun: I thought I was right, having the best possible experience.

Adam returning to the villa

Adam Collard Bombshell Love Island Spoilers Paige Gemma

Adam Collard made a name for himself in the 2018 Love Island season and has proven himself to be the comeback king in the second round of 2022.

The personal trainer made his first series so controversial that he even issued a warning after he was told by domestic violence charity Women’s Aid that some of his behavior was very disturbing. bottom.

There was an explosive moment when Adam’s then-partner Rosie Williams broke down in tears following a heated altercation. After they dated for eight months, Zara branded their relationship “toxic” and accused Adam of undermining her confidence.

For Adam’s second stint on Love Island, he will be teaming up with Paige Thorne. They split shortly after leaving the villa when a video of him chatting with another woman emerged.later paige claimed that he “ghosted” her;

crawl on the terrace

Love Island Akins Series 8 ITV Andrew Gemma
Ekin-Su and Jay crawl across the terrace for their first kiss, Love Island. Photo: ITV

Love Island 2022 Queen Ekin-Su Cülcüoğlu wrote himself in the history books for her antics on the show. Although she ended the season with her prince, Davide Sanclimenti, her road to true love didn’t go smoothly.

Many viewers were left “howling” on their television screens after some real Mission Impossible moves from the beauty happened shortly after Jay Younger arrived at the villa.

To avoid being seen by discerning islanders, Ekins crawled along the terrace floor to avoid being seen en route to their secret meeting. , went out to meet other people.

See more photos in the gallery below.

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