Five Korean films were invited to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, including works by veteran directors and films by first-time directors.Kim Chang Hoon movie HopelessKim Ji Eun spider web, Hong Sang-soo in our timeKim Tae Gon project silence and Jason Yu sleepy. None of the films were nominated for the Palme d’Or. Hopeless and spider web Invited to ‘A Certain Point of View’ and ‘Out of Competition’ categories

spider web A noir comedy about a filmmaker obsessed with reshooting the end of a finished film. spider web. He calls the cast and crew back in for reshoots, causing all sorts of chaos. Not only does he have to deal with actors who don’t understand his new ending, but he has to deal with blockages from censors.

A comedy set in the 1970s, directed by Kim Ji-eun and starring Song Kang-ho. It will be the fifth time that Kim and Song have worked together.Kim’s lead song The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, Age of Shadows, Quiet Family and foul king.of spider web Song will play a vengeful director, Lim Soo Jung will play a veteran actress, and Oh Jung Se will play her husband, a playboy actor. Jung Yeo-bin is the financial director of a film production company, and f(x)’s Krystal Jung is a rising star.Kim also directed the film. i saw the devil and bittersweet lifeApple TV’s first Korean series doctor brainstarring Lee Sun Kyun.

Hopeless is the directorial debut of Kim Chang-hoon. The film will be screened in the Un Certain Regard section, which focuses on arthouse cinema. Hopeless Song Joong-ki plays a gangster who rescues a teenage boy (Hong Sa-bin) from the hellish reality of a violent neighborhood.

Hong Sang-soo in our time It will be the closing work of the “Cannes Directors’ Fortnight” category. This category is a non-competitive category that showcases the work of filmmakers who have ‘had a tremendous impact on contemporary cinema and contributed to the evolution of the language of cinema’. in our timeStarring Kim Min-hee, Ki Joo-bong, and Song Sung-mi, this will be Hong’s 12th appearance at the festival. Director Hong said, the day the pig fell and women are the future of men This film was the first film screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. He won his 2010 Cannes Film Festival ‘Un Certain Regard Award’ for this film. Hahaha.

Horror movies directed by Jason Yu sleepy Invited to Cannes Critics Week, which focuses on emerging directors.of sleepy A pregnant wife begins to worry about her husband’s sleep habits, which quickly becomes strange. To solve this problem, they consult sleep clinics and shamans. The movie will star Lee Sun Kyun and Jung Yoo Mi. Jason Yu is a former assistant to director Bong Joon Ho.

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