35 Boring or Downright Bad Movies That Made People Exit

We all like different types of movies. Some people gleefully watch the romance that unfolds between on-screen main characters, while others hold their breath and follow wild car chase scenes. I’m sure. If he commits to spending two hours in a dark room with other people staring at screens, it’s more fun!

Unfortunately, movies don’t always live up to their promises. And the problem isn’t just that the movie you’re watching is bad. Even silly movies can be funny. If you’re in the mood, you can find enjoyment in movies being so bad. But we’ve all seen at least one movie in our lives. These movies don’t necessarily fall into the stupid movie category, but they were so boring that you can’t help but wonder why they were made in the first place.

Personally, I don’t walk out of the cinema easily. The cast and crew of the film can’t see me, but they find it disrespectful to walk out to the work they’re striving for. Have you seen it, you don’t know! But even I’ve seen some really bad movies. The movie was so boring and awful that I had to walk away or change channels.

In this article, people on the Internet share their experiences with the worst movies of all time. Sometimes even very highly ranked films would leave the cinema with rolling eyes. How many of these statements do you agree with? What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? is it? Share your story in the comments.

Cats (2019)

Protosome says:
“I went to see ‘Cats’ with a friend as a joke, but it wasn’t that interesting, so I walked away. I had a good time, but I actually felt like I was wasting my time watching Cats. ”

KenJay25 replied:
“It’s the last movie I ever walked out on. It was late and sleepy, so I decided it wasn’t worth staying up for the rest. I was released on bail after holding out until Taylor Swift’s cat showed up.” rice field.”

Protosa , amazon.com report

The Neverending Story (1984)

“When The Neverending Story ended, I walked away and demanded my money back for the false advertising.”

Prussian , amazon.com report

Mobius (2022)

yoloswagbot191 says:
“Moebius. It was Morbin’s time to gtfo that theater.”

Nosnak replied:
“But I missed the part where he said it was Morbin’s time and moved them all over.”

yoloswagbot191 , amazon.com report

Happening (2008)

“Happening. That being said, my dad and I still talk about getting out of that theater, so it affected me more than some other movies!”

jack sizzle , amazon.com report

Saw III (2006)

JackLondonHUN says:
“I think it was Saw 3. As soon as the kid started twisting his limbs* until his bones broke, I had to get out of there.”

JackLondonHUN replied:
“When you hear in the description of a horror movie, ‘People walked out of the theater!!'”

Mysterious Sense 185 , amazon.com report

Sausage Party (2016)

ColoradoRS7 says:
“One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.”

woahdude12321 replied:
It must be one of the worst cases when you come up with an idea saying, “What if we made a movie called ‘Sausage Party'” and then get high enough to actually do it…

They must have thought the idea and the ridiculousness would sell tickets.

Colorado RS7 , amazon.com report

Sucker Punch (2011)

“I didn’t expect it to be this boring. The action and stuff really… I don’t know, flat? It all felt like it was meaningless and going through the motions.
I think I left in the middle of the trench warfare part. ”

Holkersaurus , amazon.com report

Norbit (2007)

“My friends and I left Norbit. I can’t remember which of us found it even a little funny, but we were done in about 15 minutes.”

Dasoi , amazon.com report

Good Dinosaur (2015)

“I couldn’t because I had two kids, but I remember absolutely hating The Good Dinosaur with every bone in my body. Why did I hate it and what was it about it?” I don’t even remember. I’d rather see this now than want to see the grass grow.”

captain toothbrush 911 , amazon.com report

Holmes and Watson (2018)

“The only movie I ever got out of was a Sherlock Holmes movie with Will Ferrell. I was with my mother, father and sister. My mother whispered to me, This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.Leave it?” About the halfway point.

It was truly the worst movie I have ever seen. I almost fell asleep, but I never got tired while in the cinema – it seemed like half the people in the theater were asleep. ”

tortilla king red , amazon.com report

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Solo_SL says:
“I walked out of Rise of the Skywalker. I was watching it at home, but I turned it off in the middle. I haven’t thought about giving it a second chance since. In fact, I love Star Wars, especially the new show Andor and much more, and I couldn’t have wasted more moments of my life on Episode 9.

axolotl_afternoons replied:
“Andor is great. I’m a weirdo who loves ‘The Last Jedi’, but ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is horrible.”

Solo_SL , amazon.com report

Butterfly Effect (2004)

AlrightSpider says:
“I got out of the butterfly effect because I ate too much food and thought I was probably going to die.”

Yoshi Spider , amazon.com report

Crash (2004)

“This is the only movie I’ve seen in the theater. I was on a date. I told her I’d be at the arcade if she wanted it to end. But she said I I hated it as much as I did, and laughed all the way home at how bad it was.
Ten months later, it won the Academy Award for Best Picture. ”

akg7915 , amazon.com report

The Incredibles 2 (2018)

bluejester12 says:
“I walked out of The Incredibles 2 because too many people didn’t turn off their phones.”

GhostOfDrTobaggan replied:
“I specifically remember when I went to see this movie and a woman parked her car in front of me and scrolled through Instagram at full brightness for two hours.”

bluejester12 , amazon.com report

Hereditary (2018)

“When Toni Collette discovered the aftermath of the incident, she nearly walked out of the Hereditary.

thebreak22 , amazon.com report

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

“Reservoir Dogs at the Lumiere Theater in San Francisco. When the cops were detained and Michael Madsen started cutting off his ears, I walked away dejected.
Years later, I saw it on video and realized I had already seen the worst part. ”

Bookanda glass of wine , amazon.com report

Lost in Space (1998)

“Wandering into space with Matt LeBlanc, I couldn’t even see the funny side of the horror I was witnessing.”

User-8472- , amazon.com report

White Noise (2022)

“For the second time in my life, I got out of a movie with Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’. It has good stuff in it, like acting and good zingers. Overall, this movie is unbearable at its worst.” I think it should have stayed in the book.”

i am gelatin report

Superbad (2007)

LordSwitchblade said:
“My mom took me when I was 10. I don’t know what she expected.”

FredDurstDestroyer replied:
“It’s like the parent who took their kid to Deadpool because they thought movies with super-powered characters were family-friendly.”

main switch blade , amazon.com report

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Batata_Santa says:
“When I was about eight years old, my mother took us into the Chamber of Secrets. I got worried and asked my mother to leave. We did and she wasn’t happy.”

Shurt replied:
“When I was about my age, I used to play the Chamber of Secrets video game. When the basilisk appeared, I panicked and turned off the console. There was no.”

Potato_Holy , amazon.com report

epic movie (2007)

“Epic Movie was the worst reviewed movie ever, so naturally we went on opening day. We were the only ones in the theater and left after 30 minutes in pure audio/visual torture.” I did.”

tuggy brampkins , amazon.com report

Men in Black: International (2019)

pacmain1 said:
“Men in Black International”.

Teemanson replied:
“In hindsight, this is the movie I wanted to leave. I enjoyed all the previous three – yes, even the lesser of the three – MIB 2. .”

pack main 1 , amazon.com report

Highlander II: Quickening (1991)

“I had never been outside, but I watched ‘Highlander 2’ for about 10 minutes, took it out of the VCR, and immediately drove to the video store to return it.”

Negative_Gravitas , amazon.com report

Downsizing (2017)

“A Matt Damon movie. My car was being repaired and they said it would take 3-4 hours, so I went across the street to the theater, watched the movie for an hour, then went out and watched the movie. I decided to wait rather than finish the movie.”

Fredo Zimbabwe , amazon.com report

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

“Just a few minutes of Saving Private Ryan made me feel sick. The movie was great, but the camera action and cuts didn’t suit me. I was late and forced to watch it all the way through.” , I messed up too” front row. “

agncat31 , amazon.com report

Revenant (2015)

“My girlfriend at the time (now wife) could only see Leo wriggling on the ground and Tom Hardy going crazy, so we left the house and went to the outback.・We went back to the steakhouse where we had dinner and dessert.
It’s the only flick I’ve ever come across. ”

No_Mr_Powers , amazon.com report

The Monument Men (2014)

“The only movie I went out with was ‘Monument Men.’ I read the books and loved the cast, but my god…”

Cabana 3 , amazon.com report

Bumblebee (2018)

“I have only seen one movie. I think it’s my favorite of the Transformers franchise…but nothing beats the Chipotle Burrito.I saw the ending when I got the Steelbook.”

xtadamsx , amazon.com report

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