science fiction and horror We have worked closely together for a long time. It’s a classic combination with roots in time-honored literature, like Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel. frankenstein. It was in his 1950s that sci-fi horror really took off in cinema, and the new technologies of the atomic age sparked paranoia around the world and began to be reflected in films such as: Godzilla and Attack of the Body Snatchers. Hybrid Her genre continued to blossom in the decades that followed, giving moviegoers countless favorites such as: alien and case.

Sci-fi horror continues to be one of the most beloved films of all film genres, with exciting new additions to the genre coming out every year. But among all the famous examples of the genre, there are dozens of great films that for whatever reason haven’t made the lasting impact that others have had on popular culture. In the list below, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 forgotten sci-fi horror movies worth rediscovering.

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Alien Factor Transformation
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Metamorphosis: Alien Elementsalso known as Deadly Spawn II (However, there is no narrative connection) deadly spawn) is a low-budget horror film about a research facility besieged by constantly mutating, bloodthirsty beings from outer space. No, the storyline isn’t very original, and the acting is decidedly pretty bad, but neither element is the main draw here, anyway. Metamorphosis: Alien Elements Active in the special effects department. This is a practical effects lover’s dream, packed with fantastic rubber creatures, spooky gore, and amazingly compelling stop-motion his effects.

The movie is always throwing new twists, developments and monsters at the audience’s disposal, so fast-paced that this little movie packs a punch well above its meager budget. should do it To give permission.

Creature (1985)

Creature 1985
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Cult writer William Malone won’t go to great lengths on this one creature blatant alien rip off. The thing is, it’s a very good one! This is the story of his two rival spaceship crews who come into contact with a dangerous alien monster on Saturn’s largest moon. What follows is a familiar tale of alien horrors stalking a claustrophobic spaceship, but with some unique ideas thrown into the mix that set it apart from the rest. alien clone. One of his such ideas is the ability of the creatures in this title to turn the crew into drooling zombies and wreak havoc on the ship, resulting in some very creepy encounters. To do.

Starring controversial German weirdo Klaus Kinski, who delivers a typically unconventional performance, the film has a lot of endearing cult appeal. The movie is hopelessly cheesy, but the sets look very good, the creatures are cool, and the atmosphere is full of despair and horror.if you love alien If you’re looking for something similar to relieve itching, look no further. creature.

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Forbidden World (1982)

Forbidden World 1982
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forbidden world,As aforementioned creatureis another lo-fi attempt to capitalize on the success of . alien. But what sets this film apart is that it was produced by B-movie giant Roger Corman. Corman imbues the work with a uniquely lowbrow atmosphere.Blood and guts and mucus dripping in this heinous and astonishing humid A sci-fi flick about a group of scientists stranded on a remote planet that serves as dinner for a ravenous monster.

The film features incredibly hands-on effects, truly spooky creatures, and several sets designed by a very young James Cameron, one of the many careers Corman helped launch. and is worth checking out.

The Faceless Devil (1958)

The Faceless Devil Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

faceless devil is a classic drive-in movie of the ’50s, but has unjustly become relatively obscure in the decades since its release. It depicts a series of mysterious disappearances caused by invisible creatures that live on nuclear energy. Most of this movie is an interesting sci-fi mystery, albeit a bit slow-moving.

But what makes this movie what it should be a classic is the final scene where an unseen entity steals human brains and uses them to start attacking those who get in their way. An early and influential film in the evolution of “splatter” cinema, with a bone-chilling second half faceless devil There are a number of impressive (and disturbing) special effects pieces, especially considering the era in which they were produced.Image of a crawling brain with a spinal column attached should be One of the most important in the history of sci-fi horror.

The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)

Mad Doctor of Blood Island
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Mad Doctor of Blood Island is a Filipino horror film about an American pathologist who lands on a remote island where a mad scientist has unleashed an army of mutants created by stitching together human and plant DNA. A little corny, but a lot of fun, chock-full of exciting moments straight out of the gritty adventure novels of the 40’s and his 50’s.

From killer trees to green plant zombies, Mad Doctor of Blood Island Brings you a masterpiece of sci-fi horror schlock. Related Filipino horror movies are also worth checking out. fear is human, blood bridesand blood beast.

Hardware (1990)

hardware robot red
millimeter film

Cult film director Richard Stanley’s debut film, hardwareis a hard-hitting post-apocalyptic horror jam that deserves more recognition than ever before. In the midst of war-torn America, a seemingly dead killer robot unexpectedly comes back to life and begins carnage.

As described by Den of Geek“The story of military robots reinventing themselves and threatening post-apocalyptic ghettos is a well-known story, but Stanley gives it a real zest. hardware The film has a stylish, artistic edge that was sorely lacking in most low-budget genre films of the time. In fact, the action is beautifully rendered by Stanley’s expressionist composition and Giallo-esque colorful lighting choices.

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Extro (1982)

alien creature on all fours
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One of the best alien abduction movies ever made Extro It tells the story of a father who is abducted by aliens, subjected to human experiments, and sent back to Earth to care for his young son. Family drama and physical horror continue in this insane movie. The film is evenly divided between brooding and brilliantly graphic. The film evokes a very unique atmosphere of terror and excites with a number of creative and terrifying scenes, such as the one in which the boy’s toy becomes sentient and terrorizes the babysitter.

Life Force (1985)

life force 1985
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Despite being one of Tobe Hooper’s best films, life force As one of the greatest sci-fi horror movies of all time, it still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The film tells the story of an evil, eternally naked space vampire who roams all over London, sucking the “life force” out of people and turning them into mindless zombies.

With stunning special effects, budget-defying epic scope and incredible performances from Matilda May, Steve Railsback and Patrick Stewart, life force An underrated gem. In the words of SYFY WIRE“Much of the production has a distinct ’80s B-movie vibe, but Hooper’s manic horror energy shines through, and there are some truly terrifying creature sequences along the way.”

Body Snatchers from Hell, Gorke (1968)

Goku the body snatcher from hell

Gork, the body snatcher from hell is a kaleidoscopic Japanese sci-fi horror film about a group of plane crash survivors who encounter an alien presence that possesses them and turns them into vampire-like creatures. It has a strong political color and has an eerie and apocalyptic world view. rise It’s a tight-paced, exhilarating creature feature that will satisfy fans of . case and Attack of the Body Snatchers.

Bold, pessimistic, and full of raw emotion, the film not only serves as a gripping horror example that reflects the real-life horrors of the Vietnam War, but also presciently explores the fragility of humanism in modern society. It also works as a reminder.

Prophecy (1979)

paramount movies

prophecy is a little-known monster movie about mutated wildlife rampaging on the Native American lands of Maine.Like a reimagining set in the wilderness alien With an underlying ecological background, prophecy is a thrilling movie with a solid cast and impressive special effects.

Directed by John Frankenheimer, famous for his thriller films. Candidate for Manchuria and seconds, the film is stylishly made and very effective at scaring. The movie’s main monster is a giant mutant bear that looks amazing and should be remembered as one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time.

Vampire Planet (1965)

vampire planet
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vampire planet is a stylish sci-fi horror film from Italian horror master Mario Bava. It depicts the alien horrors that befall a group of astronauts landing on an unknown planet.Mix gorgeous spacey visuals similar to the late barbarella With his usual gothic approach, Bhava creates a very unique genre mashup that packs a lot of thrills and thrills.

Surreal and striking, this film is of particular interest to today’s science fiction fans. alien; vampire planet and alien It shares many plot points and visuals, including footage of a spaceship crew investigating a crashed spaceship that has been seemingly infested by a different kind of creature. Even if you are unaware of its impact, alienHowever, the film stands well on its own. This is a colorful cosmic nightmare that should be better known than it really is.

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Phase IV (1974)

Phase IV
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Phase IV This work is a hypnotic work about desert ants forming a collective intelligence and rebelling against the people of an Arizona town. If this premise sounds like his ’50s B-movie garbage, give it a chance. The film is very artfully done, giving it an emotional weight that makes it feel truly post-apocalyptic.

The only feature-length film directed by legendary graphic designer Saul Bass, who has done the title sequences for many of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films, the film is surreal, hallucinogenic, and gorgeous. It has been constructed. Its arthouse style complements its documentary-like approach nicely, and the whole straddles an interesting line between the intellectual and the deeply disturbing.

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