10 movies that get better with age

Cinematography is a versatile art form, so not everyone is always satisfied with the movies they see. Some movies may not be appreciated the first time you watch them, but they can grow in value over time. Others may fall in love instantly.

However, certain films stand the test of time and only improve with age.These films have deeper themes become more meaningful over time, Play more vividly in our memories. Here are 10 of his films that are loved by audiences who age like fine wine.

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10/10 The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

In the Shawshank Redemption
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In the Shawshank Redemption In the Frank Darabont-directed drama film, Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne, who is wrongfully accused and imprisoned for the murder of his wife and lover. In prison, he forms a close bond with Ellis Redding (Morgan Freeman), and the two find solace and eventual redemption through acts of humanity. The film is a timeless classic that resonates with audiences to this day. With a well-crafted story, attractive characters, and powerful scenes,

In the Shawshank Redemption Leave a strong impression on your audience. The film offers a realistic portrayal of prison life, highlighting the range of human emotions and experiences that bring hope and fulfillment. Despite its low box office openings, the film has since been recognized as an enduring classic.

9/10 The Breakfast Club (1985)

breakfast club
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breakfast club comedy drama movie John Hughes Screenplay/Director/Produceris famous for its films that explore universal themes. The film follows her five wildly different high school students in custody, but over time they put their egos aside and become friends. The film’s theme is relevant to many viewers who have graduated or are currently attending high school as it explores the familiar dynamic of making unexpected friends in a high school setting.

The film is cleverly acted, and its simple and effective setting, shot primarily in a single building and room, adds to its appeal. ofbreakfast club It is still considered superior to many of the teen comedy films that followed, adding to its enduring reputation and popularity.

8/10 Goodfellas (1990)

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goodfellas It’s a biographical crime film directed by Martin Scorsesetells the story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and his friends as they rise through the ranks of organized crime in New York City from 1955 to 1980.

The film accurately recreates the atmosphere of the era in which the film is set by using a variety of artists, authentic costumes, vintage cars, and an eclectic soundtrack featuring moments of breaking the fourth wall. The film’s themes are bold and the editing is fearless, which makes it stand up to modern cinema.

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7/10 Schindler’s List (1993)

schindler list 1993
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schindler’s list An epic period film produced by Steven Spielberg. The film focuses on pro-Nazi party businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), who, after witnessing the persecution of Jews in Poland, decides to save Jewish workers from the Holocaust. Despite Spielberg’s reputation for using state-of-the-art filmmaking techniques, the film used both fixed and hand-held cameras, filming several scenes in actual Holocaust death camps in Poland. We chose a more minimalist approach of The film is very personal to Spielberg and touches on his Jewish heritage.

The film is shot in black and white, similar to archival footage from World War II. Despite being released in 1993, the film is set in the 1940s and offers a timeless quality. But the fact that it exists only adds to its importance.

6/10 Pulp Fiction (1994)

pulp fiction

pulp fiction is a crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, who has been widely acclaimed for his film work, especially as a screenwriter. considered to be his masterpiece. The film tells several crime stories in Los Angeles, California, following the lives of two small-time criminals, a gangster’s wife, and a boxer whose lives become intertwined after a series of events. The film’s title refers to the popular pulp magazines of the mid-20th century, known for their graphic content and sharp dialogue. The film has an unconventional structure and plays admirably with its abundance of allusions and satires, and is regarded by critics as a benchmark for postmodern cinema.

Many factors set Tarantino apart from other filmmakers, but his dialogue is often considered his most impressive skill. pulp fiction has many scenes where the dialogue feels poetic and stays with the audience long after viewing. As such, the film is still quoted years after its release.

5/10 Days of Heaven (1978)

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days in heaven A romantic period film written and directed by Terrence Malick. The film follows farm worker Bill (Richard Gere) asking the woman he loves, Abby (Brooke Adams), to marry his wealthy and dying employer so that he can inherit his fortune after his death. It’s a story. This movie is a well-crafted period piece that has stood the test of time and is considered one of the most visually stunning movies ever made. The director tells a story of loss that can move even the most sober of the viewer.

Many of the film’s shots are set near dawn and dusk with no shadows, and the sky is drab. The music is nostalgic and full of loss and regret, and the combination of evocative landscapes and emotional longing creates an elegiac mood rarely seen in film, making the film a timeless treasure.

4/10 Good Guys, Bad Guys, Ugly Guys (1966)

good things, bad things, ugly things
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good things, bad things, ugly things is a classic spaghetti western movie directed by Sergio Leone. The story follows his three gunmen as they race to find hidden treasure in the chaos of the American Civil War. The film belongs to a generation of spaghetti westerns known for their raw, exaggerated, purposeful, slow-paced style and simple plot. despite this, good things, bad things, ugly things It stands out for its epic storytelling, engaging pacing, and clear goals established early on. Its main characters are typical and its soundtrack is widely known. Cinematography captures stunning scenery shot up close with an ultra-wide-angle lens, further enhancing the film’s epic scale.

The imagery, characters, music and iconic ending of the film are considered one of the greatest Westerns of all time and continue to attract new audiences more than half a century after its release.

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3/10 Little China’s Big Trouble (1986)

The cast of Little China's Big Trouble
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Little China’s Big Trouble A fantasy action comedy film directed by John Carpenter. The film revolves around truck driver Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) helping his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dunn) rescue his fiancée from bandits and enter the supernatural underworld beneath Chinatown. It draws you in and follows you as you face off against an ancient sorceress. The film’s sound and visual effects are outstanding even by today’s standards.

Carpenter skillfully blended strong CGI with practical effects to create striking and striking visuals for the time. The film is fast-paced, original and chaotic, with solid acting that lives up to high expectations. Although it did not perform well at the box office when it was first released, the film has since garnered a worldwide fan base and is now considered a cult classic of his that has stood the test of time.

2/10 Hunter’s Night (1955)

hunter night
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hunter night A noir thriller directed by Charles Laughton. The story follows a depraved false preacher who marries a defenseless widow in order to obtain the hidden loot of her executed husband. At its core, the film is a dark and twisted fairy tale with elements of cruelty, greed, death, poverty and guilt. There are also moments of dark humor, such as when the young character Pearl innocently repeats the hangman melody that the other children sang about her father.

The story is dreamy and evokes a sense of childhood innocence, but it’s expertly drawn in a relatable way. When first released, the film was viewed indifferently, but over time it came to be considered a landmark in American cinema.

1/10 Citizen Kane (1941)

Orson Welles gives election speech in front of a large image of himself at Citizen Kane
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citizen cane A drama film directed and produced by Orson Welles. The film follows a reporter investigating the last dying words of a wealthy newspaper tycoon and uncovering contradictory and intriguing stories about his life. The film has been widely praised for its innovative and groundbreaking editing, music, cinematography, and narrative composition. The film may seem like an exciting mystery with average elements on first viewing, but subsequent viewings reveal its deeper layers. Its narrative structure with flashbacks changed the direction of filmmaking forever.

The characters may take some getting used to, but once you’re hooked, you’ll find them fascinating, complex, and worth studying. The setting of the film is also timeless and influential. Shot in black and white, the use of shadows and light, the clashing graphics of his forms and textures make Citizen Kane a fresh and contemporary film that stands the test of time.

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