10 Most Obvious Twists in TV Shows

Everyone loves a good plot twist.The main characters who know it are stunned good place is actually Bad Place, game of thrones Fans burst into tears as they watched Robb and Catelyn Stark die at the Red Wedding, but literally no one expected Westworld‘s William becomes a man in black.

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Good plot twists are the lifeblood of storytelling. It shifts the narrative into a higher gear and prevents even the most perceptive viewer from predicting what will happen in the future. Far from refreshing the storyline, it barely hits the basic standards needed to wow the respective audience.

10/10 Anthony Bridgerton leaves Edwina at the altar


Edwina sees Anthony on her wedding day in Season 2 of Bridgerton.

of first season of Bridgerton Little attention was paid to Anthony Bridgerton’s romantic rendezvous, instead focusing on his sister Daphne’s courtship with Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings. It covers the relationship between will and will in Katani Sharma.

Unfortunately, Anthony had no choice but to accept his sister Edwina’s marriage as Kate refused to be wooed. But viewers were too keen to be fooled by this subtle red herring. The groom leaves the bride at the altar before the sacred bond of marriage unites them, allowing Anthony and Kate to admit their feelings for each other.

9/10 Walter White shoots Mike Ehrmantraut

breaking bad

Walter White confronts Mike Armenlaut after pointlessly shooting him in Breaking Bad

Walter White metamorphosis in breaking bad It doesn’t matter at first. He doesn’t really enjoy being a pharmaceutical company, but his sudden diagnosis of lung cancer exacerbates his family’s precarious finances. , bloating his already inflated ego beyond repair.

He murdered several people throughout the series, not to mention convincing Hector Salamanca to kill Gus Fring. By this point, the audience was convinced that Walter was (unwittingly) planning to murder Mike Ellmantraut, the only man smart enough to thwart his plans. This bittersweet event finally takes place in Season 5.

8/10 Jim Hopper survived season 3 ending

stranger things

Russian Jim Hopper, Stranger Things

Few shows are known for ruthlessly killing their beloved protagonists.nevertheless stranger things try to pull game of thrones By Season 3, fans were 100% sure Jim Hopper’s “death” was nothing more than a smoke screen. This cliffhanger is certainly shocking, especially since there’s no evidence that Hopper actually survived the key’s explosion.

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Still, in the post-credits scene of the season 3 finale, “American,” later turned out to be Hopper. stranger things We even see the character’s survival in the first teaser trailer for Season 4, months before the official release date.

7/10 John Cleese escapes from prison

cobra kai

Cobra Kai season 5 made Kreese jailbreak

cobra kai It could easily have ended in 4 seasonsbut Netflix insists on extending this karate kid TV spin-off. Season 3 concludes with the ominous return of Terry Silver. Terry Silver inevitably backstabs Mentor in Season 4. Kreese spends much of season 5 stewing in prison, desperate for someone to save him, only for Daniel and Johnny to betray him.

Imagine the audience’s complete lack of surprise when Kreese decides to take matters into his own hands and escapes from prison. It’s very likely that Kreese will be in the spotlight again.

6/10 Supes was originally created by Vought

the boys

Vought Tower

the boys subvert the basic concept Fictional Superheroism – The Supers are revealed to be a bunch of self-obsessed scumbags who care more about their precious image than protecting the world. It’s much worse than the combined one, and that’s saying something.

Unlike comics where superhero backstories are in-depth, the boys I have deliberately avoided explaining the origin of Supes. Vought claims their powers are natural, but viewers have refused to give in to this flimsy explanation. Super is a genetic anomaly, gaining its abilities from a mysterious substance known as Compound V.

5/10 Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark

game of thrones

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Despite his dark hair and Stark-like tendencies, there is no doubt that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne. game of thrones Dynamics turned out to be Jon Snow decidedly special.

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One of the most popular fan theories surrounding his ancestry is “R + L = J,” an equation that identified Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark as Jon’s creators. The show will start dropping hints around season six. The pieces of the messy jigsaw slowly come together to form the big picture in the Season 8 premiere. What fans didn’t expect, however, is Jon’s return to Castle His Black as a criminal.

4/10 Moriarty isn’t smart enough to kill Sherlock


James Moriarty in the Sherlock office

Moriarty is an unparalleled criminal genius. His glowing brilliance can be compared to Irene in his Adler or Charles in his Magnussen, etc. Moriarty hatches a seemingly waterproof plan to destroy his favorite detective/worst nemesis in series two.

The villain’s downright villainous scenario might have worked if he wasn’t so predictable. Viewers will know that Sherlock Holmes Somehow Moriarty’s death could have been avoided and Watson, Inspector Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson could have been saved.

3/10 Death of Luceris Velarion

dragon house

Lucerys at the End of the Storm

nevertheless House of the Dragon don’t kill the character as much as possible game of thronesHBO’s prequel series incorporates a ton of violent sequences and unexpected betrayals. , Rainyce breaking into Aegon’s coronation, shocked the viewers’ minds.

Meanwhile, the season one finale focuses too much on Rhaenyra’s maternal relationship with Lucerys, as if their time together is coming to an end. Despite Eymond’s attempts to control the dragon, Vagger eventually kills Luke, leaving a hole in Raenira’s heart that can’t be filled except by vengeance.

2/10 Charles Boyle can’t win the Halloween robbery

brooklyn nine nine

Charles Boyle in the bullpen at Halloween in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Halloween Heist episode is a highlight brooklyn nine nine, starting with Jake Peralta’s triumph in Season 1. All the major characters, including Raymond Holt, Amy Santiago, Gina Linetti, Terry Jeffers, and Michael Hitchcock each win the Halloween Heist over his eight seasons of the show.

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Charles is the only member of Nine-Nine who has never won a robbery. This is sad, but it makes perfect sense. ‘s robbery tradition never ends, so technically Charles still has a chance.

1/10 Rachel getting off the plane


Rachel Green and Ross Geller

There was no doubt that Ross and Rachel were meant to be togetherBut friend We waited until the final minutes of the series to reveal the status of their relationship. I couldn’t have stopped her.

Rachel boards the plane even after hearing Ross’ heartfelt confession, leaving him completely discouraged. can’t hear Rachel suddenly materializes at his door and she says “got off the plane.”

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