Three people are standing in a forest, one of them holding a small camera

Three people are standing in a forest, one of them holding a small camera

The Deep House

Social media Become horror metaphor This is a natural evolution of the world we live in, and our perception of reality can be altered by filters and filters. deepfakeand Ordinary people can become famous By opening your life to strangers.Situations like this can certainly happen dark in real lifeSo it’s no wonder filmmakers are working hard to scare us with worst-case scenarios.

Here are 10 recent horror movies that have used social media as an intriguing tool in a terrifyingly clever way.

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Influencer Trailer: A Vibrant Original Movie | Emily Tennant, Sarah Canning

Curtis David Harder’s new work hits Shudder on Friday, As mentioned in the review, It’s better not to have too much knowledge before watching. At least the basics are that it’s the story of an influencer on a lavish vacation that begins with a poolside selfie, but you’ll soon find out what’s real, what’s fake, and how terrifying these two are. It spirals into a cautionary tale about how easily it can get obscured.

The Deep House

Deep House | Official Trailer | Paramount Pictures

Filmmaking duo Julian Morley and Alexandre Bustillo (inside, kneadLeatherface) The director says the film, due out in 2021, will see telegenic YouTubers (including one played by James “son Mick” Jagger) roaming Europe filming themselves in eerie abandoned locations. I am drawing a scene. After their latest target was unexpectedly overrun with tourists, they decided to take their cameras and scuba gear and follow a local’s suggestion to explore an abandoned mansion. strangely It was preserved even though it was submerged in an artificial lake decades ago. Social media plots are pushed aside once the horror elements kick in, but it’s the exploration of viral content that gets the characters there in the first place. Streaming on Prime Video, Paramount+ and MGM+.

dead stream

Deadstream – “I’m not an exorcist!” Clip | Shadder Original

Another Shudderpick, The story of found footage dead stream The piece follows a live streamer who, after a failed stunt, desperate to win back his followers, is trapped in a crumbling farmhouse called “Death Manor” and performs a daring one-night live broadcast.Filmmakers Joseph and Vanessa Winter (also starring Joseph) are overjoyed Skewering horror clichés while playing actual horroralso tackles prescient commentary on the dangers of building your entire identity around your online persona.

new year new you

Into the Dark: New Year, New You Trailer (Official) • Hulu Original

Sophia TakarBlumhouse and Hulu’s appearance on the horror film series Into the Dark follows four former high school best friends who reunite for a New Year’s Eve sleepover. This gathering, one of them (Mr. RobotCarly Chaikin ofSandmanKirby Howell Baptiste, seanceSuki Waterhouse, Melissa Berglund, etc.) as content for her followers, and even posted to Instagram without permission while trying to hide dark secrets from her past. Will the situation turn fatal?why they no?

You do not have friends

Unfriended – Official Trailer (HD)

This 2014 hit takes place entirely within the confines of your computer screen, of 2018 Searching and similar films are really more “internet horror” than “social media horror”, but it all starts with two YouTube videos. One shows high school student Laura being humiliated at a party, and a later clip captures her committing suicide. A year later, someone claiming to be her dead girl appears online and weaponizes her Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites as a means of taking revenge on those who have tortured her. Streaming on Netflix.

Let’s go to the World Exposition together

Everyone goes to the World Exposition | Official Trailer | Utopia

Jane Schoenbrunn’s Interesting Indies for 2021 Enter Casey (Anna Cobb). He stares into his webcam and proclaims, “Hey guys… I’m going to the World’s Fair Challenge today.” Billed as “The Internet’s Scariest Online Horror Game,” this challenge is a viral stunt imbued with vague means “”change you,And the film takes a lonely teenage girl, whose only social means is the Internet, to a very disturbing place, guided by the vague online connections she can’t turn away from. . Streaming with Max.

dash cam

Drive Recorder | Official Teaser Trailer

After the Rob Savage-directed release host— A shockingly effective Zoom horror film made in the midst of the 2020 pandemic — He turned to another tech gimmick for the 2021 sequel, which even the title says Obvious (his next movie is a Stephen King adaptation) boogeyman, filmed in a more traditional style). It is framed as a live stream and adds “viewer comments” within the photo. dash cam-There is also a pandemic themeThe story follows an obnoxious internet celebrity (Annie Hardy) whose permanent recording cameras first capture her terrifyingly badass characters (the main characters) and then as her road trip spirals. , becoming more bizarre and bizarre supernatural. Streaming on Hulu.


SPREE – Official Red Band Trailer

In this 2020 release, stranger thingsJoe Keery plays a rideshare driver who becomes obsessed with social media and murders passengers as part of his diabolical quest for viral fame. An utterly untyped cast, Keely elevates an often pushy plot by injecting unsettling charisma into a man who is an absolutely unrepentant lunatic. Streaming on Hulu.


Cam | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Alice (Madeline Brewer) Handmaid’s Tale) I had some success working as a webcam sexpot on a site called “Free Girls Live” — but her ambitions were met with a roadblock by rival streamers such as; that’s right Like her (and broadcast from a room that looks like) that’s right like her) takes over her account. Identity theft is always intrusive. But in this 2018 thriller, it takes on a surreal, visceral sheen., aided by both its provocative setting and Brewer’s dueling performance. Streaming on Netflix.

talk to me

Talk to Me | Official Trailer HD | A24

It’s a bit of a cheat since it hasn’t been released yet (it’s coming on July 28th), but just the trailer Enough to request inclusion on this io9 review at this year’s sundance Want to know more, or know it’s the story of kids who decide to join a viral trend that involves demonic possession, and get ready for a shriek-worthy lesson on why you should. please. I never have Be tempted by social media to do anything involving evil spirits.

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