10 Harry Potter children who no longer appear in movies

of Harry potter The franchise spans eight impressive films that tell the story of a young wizard, his wizard school friends, and his battle with the dark wizard Voldemort. This franchise is one of his most famous franchises of all time with loyal fans all over the world. Many of the child actors in movies went on to illustrious acting careers, but many of them either left the industry or their fame never took hold.

Being a child actor is no easy task, and many of the film’s stars, including Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry himself, doubted whether they’d be able to see the series through to the end, let alone acting as a lifelong career. The film sparked mad excitement and rabid fans waiting for its release in the middle of the night, trading theories and writing fan fiction. Being in all eight films was a daunting task. even a veteran actor Like the popular Alan Rickman.These once-child actors harryPotter chose to quit acting Once they grow up, temporarily or permanently.

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Ten James and Oliver Phelps

Harry Potter Abdo Order of the Phoenix Fred and George
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Fans of the mischievous Weasley twins might be surprised that these beloved redheads didn’t stop at acting. James and Oliver Phelps Twins in real life, both outside the industry. While James and Oliver are still involved in the industry and the franchise, they haven’t appeared in movies lately, fans appearing at his events and conventions, and helping Warner promote his Brothers Potter. . Their main career is running a podcast called “Normal Not Normal” where they interview other child stars. James and Oliver have found a way to turn their film experience into a career without directly appearing in other films.

9 Jamie Waylett

Vincent Crabbe from Harry Potter poses with his arms crossed.
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The actor who played one of Harry’s bullies and Slytherin rivals, Vincent Crabbe, suffered some sad hardships after leaving the film. Jamie Waylett Although it did not appear in the final work, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, in 2009, he was arrested for growing cannabis plants at his mother’s home. He was unable to participate in the final film because he had to perform community service. He apologized to his fans many times, but got himself in trouble with the law again when he was arrested for participating in the London riots, Waylett’s representatives said the young actor struggled to stay in the limelight and that he reported that he never revived his acting career.

8 Devon Murray

Harry Potter's Seamus Finnigan looks surprised and disheveled.

The Irish actor who played Harry’s adorable friend Seamus Finnigan had several acting credits before appearing in the Potter films. Devon Murray He was no stranger to movie sets, having participated in the film adaptation of Angela’s Ashes. Having gained a reputation for partying, he spent all the money he earned on movies, reportedly horses, cars, and property. He lost the case and had to pay his attorney thousands of pounds in fees. Devon decided to quit acting and settle with his family in the countryside.

7 Evanna Lynch

Luna Lovegood (1)
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when Evanna Lynch Cast as the quirky Luna Lovegood, she was every fan’s dream come true! Yvanna was a huge fan Harry potter Able to recite trivia about every character prior to her casting, Evanna was surprised to find that her dream was a lot of hard work too. She had limited acting experience before appearing in films. Since her series ended, she’s shifted her focus from acting to vegan activism, launching her 2018 line of vegan-friendly beauty products called Kinder Beauty. my name is emilyYet she directs most of her efforts towards philanthropy, activism and business.

6 Bonnie Wright

Ginny Weasley
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As Ron Weasley’s sister and Harry Potter’s future wife, Bonnie Wright Great job as Ginny Weasley. Bonnie was cast as young as he was nine years old and has stood out throughout the franchise. She went to school to study film and television and stayed in the industry, but she’s behind the camera this time. She recently directed the music video “Melt” for artist Gillian Maguire. She has directed several commercials and short films and she hopes to direct a feature film one day. Another of her great passions is environmental activism. Bonnie seems content to focus on production rather than her acting, and while she continues to actively participate in Harry Potter fandom events and reunion activities, her acting is her passion. not, and her adult goals are evolving.

Five Sean Biggerstaff

Oliver Wood poses with a Quidditch broom.
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Sean Biggerstaff Originally auditioning for the role of Percy Weasley, he was surprised when he was asked to read to him as Quidditch captain Oliver Wood instead.The Scottish actor explained that he felt he was too skinny for the role, but in the end he won! Retired from acting primarily. He appeared in stage shows, made brief appearances in television shows and appeared in films cash back However, Sean has since stayed out of the limelight, taking a quieter approach to his post-Potter career. His Instagram shows that he’s enjoying a quiet life in Scotland with his girlfriend.

Four Hugh Mitchell

Colin Creevey excitedly holds the camera
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Hugh Mitchell He is best known for playing Colin Creevey, a big fan of Harry.he made a big impression Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets An excitable Muggle-born, I wanted to take pictures of all of Hogwarts and show them to my parents. Fans will be happy to know that Hugh Mitchell stuck with Colin’s love of the camera. He is a professional photographer today! He shoots award-winning portraits, captivating nature picturesHugh appeared in several films in the years following Harry Potter, but left the industry in 2012. His most famous role is the da vinci code Or as ITV’s Prince Edward Henry VIII. These days, Hugh’s focus is on his photography. Once a shutter bug, always a shutter bug.

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3 Josh Hardman

Goyle from Harry Potter grins at the camera

Josh Hardman He is best known for his role as Goyle, Draco Malfoy’s henchman. It’s no surprise that the group’s muscles are still famous on camera, but he’s known for his athleticism rather than his acting.Although he had minor roles, he spent much of his time training as a cage fighter and most recently appeared in a TV show game, real competition Put celebrities against each other in sports competitions, from swimming to cycling.

Josh has maintained an active acting career and has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Marcela the Man Who Fell to Earth When robin hood, he intentionally took a break from acting to train as a cage fighter. As a result of his intense training, many Potter fans say Josh is indistinguishable!

2 Emma Watson

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
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Bright and brilliant, Hermione Granger fans will be amazed by the girl power icon. Emma Watson Stop acting for a while.After the end Harry pottershe decided to decipher books like Hermione and enrolled at Brown University in Rhode Island. She also had to accompany her bodyguards to school events.

With Emma’s hard earned money, it’s clear she wanted to try a life outside the spotlight BA in English and LiteratureEmma’s fans know that she has finally returned to acting. beauty and the beast.However, while Emma is back on the big screen, it’s unclear how often the actress will take lead roles in the future, as she’s focused a lot of her work on charity and activism.

1 Rupert Grint

Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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like Emma Watson Rupert Grint I even considered quitting acting when the series ended. One of Rupert’s most famous anecdotes is his story of buying a van to run his ice cream truck. In HBO’s Harry Potter reunion special, Rupert revealed that he’s often wondered what it’s like to step away from the pressures of movies and being a star. played roles in several films But after the Potter movies, it fell out of the spotlight. Rupert struggled to break out of his image as a producer’s sidekick. He had several film roles before finally moving away from big screen roles to focus on television roles and his personal life.

Most recently, Rupert’s impressive work can be seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s spooky Apple TV show. servant. Rupert has earned many accolades for his performance in the spooky thriller.

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