Comedies have frequently dominated the small screen, and for good reason. Comedy series offer viewers a lighthearted, fun getaway. There are also a variety of formats for fans to enjoy, from sitcoms to comedy dramas to musicals. Comedy series can also provide years of entertainment, like shows like: friend and modern family Been running for years.

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However, not all comedies get the same treatment. Many TV shows are canceled or ended long ahead of schedule, leaving fans disappointed. Not all shows can run for years, but some good TV comedies are too short in duration to be worthy of airing.

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Ten The Mick (2017 – 2018)

37 episodes

Kaitlyn Olson takes center stage Mick. With her wayward personality, Mickey gains control of her sister’s vast estate. But she can also guardianship her sister’s children, and she gets a lot more than she thought.

Mick is a lighthearted sitcom that explores deeper themes of found families. This show makes good use of its characters, giving them a variety of developed personalities. Sadly, Mick Despite having so many great elements, the comedy series ended too quickly because it failed because it was impossible to compete.

9 Strangers with Candy (1999 – 2000)

30 episodes

Strangers and candy is a salacious comedy that has achieved cult status among its fans. The show stars Amy Sedaris as Jerry, a middle-aged woman who decides to clean up her acting and tackle her biggest challenge: high school.

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the cast of Strangers and candy An ensemble that shines with its comedy talent and includes a young Stephen Colbert. The series’ satirical approach also meets Comedy Central’s signature silly the meantime Strangers and candy Although cut short, the 2005 film adaptation proved the show’s continued appeal to fans.

8 Happy Ending (2011 – 2013)

57 episodes

ABC’s Happy end It depicts the adventures of six best friends. After Alex leaves Dave at the altar, the tight-knit group struggles to navigate the new dynamics. The show balances comedy by centering on emotional themes such as love, heartbreak, and friendship.

Happy end‘The familiar premise makes it yet another modern-day rival friend. But the series blends the stories of its companions with the heartwarming exploration of each character. Doing so puts the show on par with sitcom hits such as: new girl and modern familybut only receives a third of the length and ends too quickly.

7 Cupid (1998 – 1999)

15 episodes

1998 cupid It depicts the adventures of Trevor Hale, who believes himself to be the God of Love. Claire, a psychologist, joins Trevor in playing matchmaker on the street.

Trevor’s outspoken and confident personality gets him and Claire involved in all sorts of hilarious situations. But they also have surprisingly deep conversations about attraction, romance, and intimacy. The series has an even greater appeal today, especially since it combines situational comedy and physical comedy with his late-’90s setting.but cupid It wastes its potential with only 15 episodes to leave an impression.

6 The Grinder (2015 – 2016)

22 episodes

Dean Sanderson, played by Rob Lowe, embodies the motto, “Let’s lie until we succeed.” grinder. After playing a lawyer on the hit show, the actor thinks he’s ready to work as an attorney at his family’s law firm. But his brother, Stewart, has a completely different opinion on the matter. It inspires the sibling rivalry that is central to the hilarious series.

Through Mr. Sanderson, grinder Depicting yet another dysfunctional sitcom family, it has positioned itself in the ranks of similar comedies such as; developmental arrest. The series provided a promising introduction, but the show ended too quickly to leave the same impact as the long-running show it was based on.

Five Fall apart (2017 – 2018)

20 episodes

Kathy Bates plays feisty cannabis advocate Ruth Feldman. falling apart. Ruth opens a cannabis dispensary and hires a ragtag staff of young stoner pals to succeed.

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falling apart It succeeds as a comedy using an experimental plot. The series uses marijuana to enhance the entertainment factor and the comedic value. While the show uses humor to encourage important conversations, it also delves into important discussions about its central focus. falling apart In a short amount of time, we created a fun and safe on-screen space that weed users could relate to.

Four Single Parent (2018 – 2020)

45 episodes

The time has come to focus on raising children alone single parent. Will meets other single parents and they protect him. Parent pairs help each other balance parenthood and a healthy social life outside of their children.

single parent Success was achieved by a hilarious ensemble cast and their subsequent chemistry. The series’ versatility is another great strength that further enhances its comedic impact. but, single parent There are only two seasons for fans to enjoy, and they end too quickly.

3 Push Daisies (2007 – 2009)

22 episodes

Ned the pie maker has the ability to bring the dead back to life. Press daisies. This comedy series expertly blends the paranormal and mystery genres as Ned uses his unique abilities to solve crimes. Ned’s powers also have privileges, but they also have many limitations. The death of Ned’s lover Chuck proves it.

press daisies It stands out among other comedies due to its unique storyline and fairytale charm. Sadly the show still ended the meantime press daisies It deserves a comeback, but it’s still limited to just two seasons.

2 Scream Queens (2015 – 2016)

23 episodes

Ryan Murphy’s slasher horror meets dark comedy scream queens. Murphy’s signature satire is sprinkled throughout this serial killer mystery, making it as absurd and hilarious as its predecessor. Gree. The show’s ensemble cast includes everyone from Emma Roberts to Ariana Grande to John Stamos.

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scream queens leans toward its silly nature, with a self-conscious tone making it more enjoyable for viewers. This TV show is a unique blend of dark horror and even darker comedy. not yet, scream queens’ ends its journey too soon, even though the show has the perfect cliffhanger setup for more seasons.

1 Clone High (2002 – 2003)

13 episodes

Historical figures appear as teenage clones clone high. The series brings some of history’s most prominent figures (from Gandhi to Cleopatra) back to animation, this time as relatable high school students.

clone high It has an interesting storyline that sets it apart from other animated comedies. The show’s satirical approach further enhances his personality, making him one of the best comedies of his time. The original series ended after just one season, but hopefully an upcoming HBO revival will give the series the airtime it deserves.

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